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  1. HELP...with slideshow for website!

    Even though I didn't post this question it sure did help me a lot. My mother is currently having a similar problem and I lack the time to do it myself. Your advice will help her greatly. Thanks
  2. Site Design, Take a look, Give opinion

    I like what you have done I found it to clean yet not boring. I did, however, found one typo that you might want to address On your first paragraph in your resume section; "I am consistently considering every possibly opportunity so my resume is growing everyday." I do believe you meant possible opportunity.
  3. Compare two Logos

    inimicus is right it does look more like a collage I think the polishing up the album presentation by maybe building the up along a vanishing point. Just a thought.
  4. First, I like to say I am not {censored} and that I belong to what seems the most hated Republican party. With that said I would like to start out with the definition of marriage. Marriage the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. This definition does not state recognized by God but law, and yes it does state between a man and a woman, but laws can be changed. This is easily demonstrated when slaves could not marry legally and created the practice of jumping over a broom to symbolize their union. In addition, as previously mentioned interracial marriages where also banned. Thus, we know our laws as a nation are not written in stone. Going by the definition of marriage I don't see what the problem is. It is a union recognized by law not the the church. No sin is being cast on those that oppose this. Those opposed are not going to hell because Adam married Steve. Moreover, when speaking of marriage and God, we don't condemed a couple who got married by the justice of the peace or Elvis. Technically there are not married in the eyes of God, but they are in the eyes of the law. I could understand the uproar over this issue if they were asking the Pope to allow them to be married in a Catholic church but they are not. By offering the term of marriage to homosexuals with have all the right, privileges that traditional male/female marriages offer, does not mean that all churches will open their doors and perform the ceremony. So where is the problem, after all we are talking legalities not religion. Here is something to think about, are we so insecure over our heterosexuality that when someone asks us if we're married they will not automatically know our sexual orientation? Lastly, what happened to America's belief in embracing the prosecuted for their beliefs and practices? America is a land created by embracing diversity, so if a {censored} couple wants to get married then should and have to suffer all the legalities if a divorce should happen like us strait people!
  5. Website Template

    What are the free flash template site you guys found/know of. My mother is constantly on me about making her a flash site but I truly lack the time to make it and the funds to buy her one right now
  6. do you do drugs?

    Since tobacco is on the list I guess I can join the club. That's the only one I've done on list and those others that you guys thought should be on the list, not counting the rare long island ice tea I have about 2x a year. My only other addiction is to caffeine in the form of Excedrin Migraine with a soda chaser, but that is only when I need to pull and all nighter. However, even though I have never used it, I do feel that maybe we should legalize marijuana, it would help cut down the overcrowding in the jails. They are way more harmful drugs and problems out there to put so much stress on a plant and this includes tobacco. I never heard of anyone getting in to a car and killing themselves or others just because they had a joint or smoked a cigarette. Most pot heads I do know usually too lazy to go anywhere unless it was a food run. Although, considering a lot of countries consider Americans fat and lazy now, I would hate to hear what they would say if we did legalize marijuana.
  7. Take One, Leave One

    Nuclear (just call me old fashion) stale cereal at the computer or wonderful breakfast but with people you hate
  8. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    He's not really leaving is he? Ode to Balto You will be missed your posts were bliss and for parting like this I won't leave you a kiss OK I never claimed to be a poet
  9. Hi and thanks

    Idon't know maybe for addition, subtractions, telling the time, and Balto it looks like our secret is out...love is in the air And thank you everyone for the warm welcome. You guys are the best!
  10. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Balto is banned for joining on May Day
  11. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Balto is banned for not buying me a pretty apple choker like his.
  12. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Superhai is banned for being jealous of awesomo's banning of Xxp/TuX
  13. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Superhai is banned for not offer me a sip of that tasting looking drink
  14. Take One, Leave One

    bread (I could use the extra dough and speaking of dough this one took me some time to come up with tell me how you like it) programmer or programmer's spouse (must read below before answering) Programmer Just finished creating a program that would give you billions, but a car crashes through your house demolished your whole computer to ash, horrific scaring on your legs, 4 lost toes, and gave you permanent amnesia of everything that has happened to you in the last five years including creating aforementioned program, but, on the bright side, you were award 2 million dollars from the judge, that's before the lawyers cut, that is. or Programmer's spouse You barely know how to send an email using a computer, married to someone who no longer remembers who you even are, have two lost legs and a face that is slightly disfigured because of that darn car, but, on the bright side, your spouse has to split that 2 million and you know where he kept a backup of the program.