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  1. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    I think you have to build the kext with xcode.... just install xcode and open RealtekR1000.xcodeproj, RealtekR1000.kext should appear in the build folder. Hope this helps... took me a minute to figure it out too Oh, and not to change the subject but I recently switched to GA311 too and it works great!
  2. TimeMachine fails backup

    I had a similar issue with my TM backup suddenly not working... I was running onboard LAN with my P35-DS3L and decided to switch to a PCI LAN so ethernet (and bonjour) would work without any modified kexts... then next time I went to backup TM FAILED! anyways... to make a long story short... all I did to "fix" TM was to delete the plist file mentioned earlier (then reboot with -f) and I turned off TM by selecting 'no disk' and then reselected my original disk and it work... it started a new backup from scratch, but hey, I'll take what I can get! To be honest though before fixing TM I decided to mess around with CCC and I think I might stick with that as a backup solution because of the ability to boot directly from the backup.