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  1. There isnt any differences that require different kexts, as osx Server in built on top on OSX to an extent. Think of it as OSX with added frameworks and management tools. That said for me it was a pain to install and prone to doing things that standard OSX doesn't do. For example, the first time I installed it, I got to the welcome to your computer dialogue and no countries displayed. After rebooting the countries worked but it failed at the end of the startup and went back to the original screen... without the countries again!
  2. Over 6 months later and we don't have a better fix??
  3. I'ma start this by saying I don't ask for help, this is the first topic I've wrote in my life. I'm not a noob, i've been creeping here for a bout 2 years, but this has me well and truly stumped. I got a 7200se on a AsRock P43de board and installed with Hazards SL distro. Selected Natit the first time as its what I used on 10.5.6. Booted, KP on login, but with 1280x1024 res automatically applied and correct display detection in prefs I believe I had some form of acceleration just no QE/CI. After cruising the forums I did all of this. 1.Removed Natit to use EFI strings and GFXenabler. Lost all acceleration, stuck in what looks like Software rendering mode and 1024x768. 2.Reinstalled with Nvinject. No difference. 3.Went back to natit and edited all the device ids in natit, nvresman, nv40hal etc. Fail. 4.Tried 2 and 3 in 32bit mode 5.Tried 2 and 3 with legacy 10.3 kernel 6.Tried Corevidia 1.2. back on original kernel. Still in VESA. Any ideas? I dont even want QE/Ci cos I reckon I can force it if I can get back to Hardware acceleration but going back to natit doesnt work. EDIT: Alright, I think I get it. The cards been injected, but theres no Driver picking it up. How do I get the Driver to act on it?
  4. Geforce G210M

    you should have deleted geforce.kext nad nvinject and left nvdan50hal as thats the Hardware Access Layer you need for QE/CI. hope you backed it up.
  5. Awful video with 10.6.3

    You wanna share that trick first?
  6. iAtkos 1.6.3 v2 - Black Screen

    GMA is really not recommended, but try a reinstall and the natit kext. It sould give you some kind of screen output, though QE/CI is not guaranteed.

    Ok, let me put it like this. And please don't think I'm being harsh or unforgiving. As long as osx86 has been around, there has been three important rules that apply to you. 1. Nvidia always leads the way with compatibility. If it wont work on an Nvidia Card, good luck with anything else. 2. Never Update the OS until you are positive all your kexts and main important hardware (chipset vga mouse and keyboard etc) will work, else you better be prepared to format and reinstall. 3. If you really want to get osx running smoothly, be prepared to get bits and pieces to get it up and running. EDIT: Get means buy! Now thats said, I recommend you go out and buy a 8400 on the cheap. There are many geforce users out there having problems with 10.6.2 upward but not with that card. It'll save you time and effort. If you dont wanna do that, hit up the wiki and cruise all the HCLs looking for your card or similar, note what they used, then find it and format and reinstall with it. The last option is to try the natit.kext, but its unlikely to wrk and has funny effects if it doesnt. It does sometimes tho. Best of luck. I'm gone!
  8. Hello Friends!

    Find yourself a new Dell or HP with an intel processor, HDA audio and a Nvidia graphics card and its pretty much guaranteed to work. Excuse me if I cba to search for you, but had a problem finding $700 laptop with an Nvidia chip in it. Hit up dell.com or some such site.
  9. Direct X for MacOSX

    Uh, they ported the source engine and steam to mac like.... 6 months ago. Its based on a OpenGL implementation of the source engine, so everything source works for mac. It really p*ssed me off as they turned around and tried to mac-ify everything, completely ruining the GUI of some of my favorite games. (TF2 I'm looking at you) Right now its still much slower and buggier than windows but if your mac religious and dont recognise that gaming is the main reason to keep Windows around, be my guest!
  10. need a simple graphic card that is easy to install

    Dunno where MaLd0n went, but yes that would be a 9500GT. Seems a bit too gamer for what your looking for. You just want a card with QE/CI as Logic 9 needs it to install. I recommend the 8400GS or 9400GT but its really a bad time to ask in the osx86 world as the newest snow leopards keep faffing around with QE/CI support. Take me for example, I bought a 7300GT, which was the card on many genuine macs of old. It ran Logic on leopard fine, but I cant even install logic on snow atm because I have a 10.6.2 retail disk and 10.6.2 has the gremlins with 7 series cards, even though that's the same model that's in a mac!
  11. There's the culprit. Last time I checked you can only update if you are using an patched vanilla boot 132 setup, and before you restart your PC you need to reapply your patches, especially your chipset kexts. If not, you bascally have screwed your install. I suppose you could try and add your kexts again in your other OS (assuming you dual-boot) and run with the -F flag on startup but I doubt it will work.
  12. Screw Hilary, don't like her attitude. Too overconfident, and I doubt she would have the humility to admit a mistake, which is something all presidents sometimes make. Obama is a great speaker, and he seems intelligent and forward thinking, but I have yet to see him in action. I have high hopes though. Bush. God NO. May as well put Sarah Palin for a great example of Texan stereotypes. (Her bloody yearbook has her dressed up as a cowboy holding a 12 gauge. And she wants to run for presidency. WTF) Have to agree with vbetts on Howard and Rudd. Really don't know enough about them first hand. Jobs. No way. The entire economy would revert to being government owned, and he would redesign everything to be curvy, touch operated, and white. I don't want a curvy, touch operated white bed thank you. Nor do I want a curvy touch operated toothpaste, or a teacup. etc. etc.