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  1. That makes sense, thanks for the explanation. Also, thank you sincerely to JahStories, SonicRaT, and everyone else for their efforts here on the thread. This information is very helpful..!
  2. I'm not sure why Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 aren't just two distinct threads. Every other machine in this forum has a different thread for a different model in the same line with hardware differences, why not for Surface? I just see people getting confused all the time (even with the tags) between Pro and Pro 2... But at the very least, yes, we should all use the tags.
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    Isn't this exactly the same EFI loader as before? What would re-blessing the same EFI loader have to do with anything? I thought this package was simply a new slipstreamed Windows install that stripped the XOM display driver- reblessing the same boot loader won't make any difference. The accurate test would be a Windows XP re-install with the newly created CD.
  4. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    I'm testing the solution- it works! I'm now posting this from my dual-booting MacBook Pro. Time to go on the driver hunt now...
  5. Any UGA solutions being worked on?

    OK that makes sense, thanks for the quick explanation. It sounds like the only real chance left is to get an existing Vista installation using the Radeon drivers to boot and bypass the VGA issue completely...
  6. Any UGA solutions being worked on?

    I'm a little confused- the Linux builds that work right now seem to work via VGA calls, not UGA. So I don't think that's really the issue here... Of course, I also have no idea what truly IS the issue...