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  1. keep trying the listed solutions man, took me a good 5-10 tries with various solutions untill i found one that worked for me
  2. quickslvr1287

    President Bush

    man go find another forum to whine on...if your going to make an argument back it up instead of doing a bunch of name calling
  3. for me i think its gonna be West Virginia this year...Pittsnogle is a monster!! so...your picks?
  4. will there ever be any hope to getting QE, CI or OpenGL?
  5. quickslvr1287

    President Bush

    what the hell was so great about kennedy? name me 5 great things he did while he was president...Regan was America's greatest president
  6. quickslvr1287

    Ok so who is going to win the NCAA tourney?

    yeah same for me...George Mason all the way!!
  7. actually that would be just as great
  8. quickslvr1287

    x200 driver progress?

    i was just wondering if there's a chance if we could ever see a driver for those of us that have a ATI x200 video card. So if anyone has any info about any progress in the area i would appriciate it. Also, If anyone working on this could use some help, I would be happy to in any way i could...thanks guys!
  9. quickslvr1287

    x200 driver progress?

    shameless bump
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    President Bush

    wow jbacko...u took a few of my points and made them even better...youre right on the mark man...excellent job
  11. quickslvr1287

    Ok so who is going to win the NCAA tourney?

    lol i think and want WV to win it all
  12. quickslvr1287

    [Buy] OSx86 10.4.4/5 bootable patch dvd

    um i might be able to send you one...make me an offer
  13. quickslvr1287

    President Bush

    killing anybody to spread any religion is wrong...its not the best way to convince people to join your side. Christians are still condemmed for the crusades and killing people in the name of Jesus. Why are we not condemming those who kill in the name of Mohamed? ok cybermiguel now i have some questions for you... Do you know how many people in the world die because their crazy dictator spends all of the money the country has on weapons and leaves none for the people which leaves them wallowing in poverty for years? Do you know that many of the soldiers that have been sent to Iraq think that they are doing a good thing there as they continue to rebuild schools, playgrounds, parks, hospitals and the infrastructure which was damaged during the war? (Now this isnt coming from CNN, its coming from my cousin, who WAS ACTUALLY THERE) Do you know how many innocent civillians Saddam Hussein has killed in his reign of terror over the people of Iraq? Do you know how many people died in Katrina that shouldnt have becuase they thought they could "ride it out" then when they realized that they made a mistake they start yelling at the president and saying nobody cares?" (People that had the ability to leave had plenty of time to leave) Do you know that the US has some of the strictest enviornmental control policies around? No, i disagree cybermiguel...terrorism is THE MOST important issue...Theres no use in protecting the enviornment when you are all dead becuase you werent worried about the terrorists getting a hold of biological or nuclear weapons whew ok now i got the ol blood boiling...boy i love politics!!
  14. quickslvr1287

    President Bush

    what was he supposed to do when he heard the nation was under attack? jump up in the middle of the class and yell "Yeehaw! Let's go kill them som'{censored}!" Now don't get me wrong, GW hasnt been my favorite president i.e. he spends WAY to much money (and im even a republican) but you cant fault the guy for not jumping up and running out the door. Those six minutes were probaly spent so his staff could figure out what the heck was going on...its not every day that you hear that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is under attack on their own soil...and please dont relate GW to Hitler, thats very ignorant and uncalled for...ok ive put my two cents in
  15. quickslvr1287

    Jack Bauer Vs. Chuck Norris?!?

  16. so just checking do you have it on a partition on a drive or do you have OSX installed to a separate drive?
  17. quickslvr1287

    ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    hey guys I'm not as smart as you guys as far as the coding and debugging for the driver goes, but if you can think of any way I could help you out, let me know. It doesnt feel right to just sit here and wait for you guys to finish and then just reap the rewards for doing nothing
  18. quickslvr1287

    10.4.5 or 10.4.4

    i would go for 10.4.5...runs great on my machine
  19. hey i saw that there was an ATI video driver that people were working on...anyone have any idea about that status of it? if theres any way i can help i would be happy to
  20. quickslvr1287

    Help getting OSX installed on my HP zv6000 notebook

    hey i have a zv6000 and got it booting great natively...however there are a few more steps you will need to go through to get it to work...check out this link and if you need anymore help after that send me an email at quickslvr1287@gmail.com and I can help you out through any more problems you may have
  21. the IO80211Family.kext causes the occasional kernel panic when booting up...any ideas on why it only happens once in a while or any ideas on how to fix it?
  22. quickslvr1287

    noob question

    yup its definately possible...
  23. not a huge problem but is there anyway to stop my lappy from always booting OSX in the fugly diagnostic mode? if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know...thanks
  24. quickslvr1287

    10.4.5 always boots in diagnostic mode

    worked like a charm