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  1. Mammoth!!! THANK YOU!!! I finally got a clean DV6-2190us which I can use Apple Updates just fine! The only issue is my keyboard tilde (the key to the left of 1--american US keyboard) is giving me §§§§§. Not sure why this is, but i can't use window cycling with command+tilde . As far as using your method to install on other machines than sony and HP, I have the new Sandy Bridge desktop i just built. is it possible to use a custom MIID for core i7 2600k? I can replace the smbios.plist, a legacy kernel, extensions, but it won't boot. The MIIF i used to create the MIID boots this desktop, but reboots into cycle. Can you provide to me a pointer to what I can fix to make this work?
  2. Mammoth, I thought HP's dv6 - dv8 machines have a badly compiled bios? The only compiler that would not report any error would be the microsoft one which was used to create the HP bios? I've tried to extract my DSDT and compiled it into one of the aml or other file which i can't remember and I had errors.
  3. If you're still looking for it. I have OS X Server 1.2v3. Why do you need it?
  4. Hey Yehia. Finally contacting you and I am not sure what is happening in Egypt--is it for the better? I wanted to ask you since last December 2010, whether you are still running SL? I first bought my dv6-2190us from HP last summer and obviously nothing was out to run snow leopard for it. I came across your posts and have downloaded your boot-cd for my laptop and SL boots and loads. I made a mistake of reformatting and turning to tonymac's boot-cd reinstalling SL. How did you get your ACPI to run correctly? My CPU runs hotter as there's no power management ACPI to efficiently manage better than windows 7. I saw how HP laptops have error when generating DSDT files. How about your DSDT? how did you get it fixed? Does your laptop run hot? I was able to load the dsdt.kext in 10.6.4 and saved it to run it on 10.6.5 since the 10.6.5 dsdt.kext won't load.
  5. Yehia Amer, I've been following your post for a week now. I have successfully installed Snow Leopard using your bootcd you created. THANK YOU! Now I want to ask you about the status of your DSDT. You posted the DSDT.dsl file not compiled and how did you get the DSDT.aml? The one guy who maintained iasl simply helped you commented out the errors so iasl could still compile. how did you compile it with the errors? I did the same thing following your way how to patch your DSDT and where you got 8 errors, i got 10 errors. It turns out that our laptops are very similar, if not, the same. It's remarkable how the linux community is getting into the craze created by the MSFT compiler giving us bad DSDT. Will you send me your aml? Or is it already included in your bootcd? Thanks
  6. I suggest you read the forum rules before posting. It is up to you to get your card to work. We can try our best to tell you how to do it. it wouldn't be fair for you to freeload from people because we have enough problems trying to get our card to work - let alone working on different video cards.
  7. VoRTeX15O

    iTunes music store Error

    Hi, I need help with sampling itunes music store songs and purchases. it asks for my password then verifies and gives me error such as in this pic after trying to preview a song. sometimes, i get authrization limit reached upon after reentering acct passwd. i think it is the newest version of quicktime that i've installed that rendered itunes music store previewing impossible in addition to crashes on previewing tv shows in iTMS. does anyone have the same problem? does anyone have an older version of quicktime for download? is there a solution? thanks Mac OS version: JaS's 10.4.3 (8F1111g) iTunes version: 6.0.5 (20) Quicktime version: 7.1.2
  8. Mine defaults to 1024x768. To set it permanently, change the content of /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to look: <key>Kernel</key> <string>mach_kernel</string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32"</string> <key>Boot Graphics</key> <string>Yes</string> '-v' is verbose - you don't need to inlude that.
  9. 1 peso I got mine working
  10. VoRTeX15O

    JAS 10.4.6 update, discuss about it

    Not worth it to upgrade: Here's my other post to another user: However, I'd also encourage more fixes and testers for the newest release, but for those who don't know, this is something to know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Firmware_Interface Hi lol_x86. I've had the same problem as yours when I tried 10.4.4/5 and gave up. Depending on what laptop you have, there is a problem with 10.4.4/.5 . Another problem is that many people are mislead into thinking that 10.4.4/.5 will give them better performance over 10.4.3 release 8F1111g just because it's newer than 10.4.3 - False) 10.4.4/5 will not give you edge over 10.4.3. Why your driver edit will or will not work - most cases video drivers: 10.4.4 and greater is built for EFI which replaces the traditional BIOS. Therefore Apple has to compile the drivers for EFI machines and not BIOS machines. Some drivers from 10.4.3 will still work under 10.4.4/5 but not the other way around. Thus, the drivers of 10.4.4 are having to be edited to accomodate for computers with traditional BIOS and not EFI. I've tried 10.4.4/5 and have had too many problems and switched back to 10.4.3 rev. 8F1111g. Therefore you will make room for more bugs and an unstable system putting 10.4.4/5 on your machine if you don't have EFI support. So this ATI driver edit may not work for you. It will work, but will give you no OpenGL support. What Maxxuss used to make 10.4.4/5 work on BIOS based machines: He took parts of 10.4.3 and integrated them into 10.4.4/5 which back engineered the core of the OS to make it do something not intended and that change is a big change which effected the stability of the system. No wonder more people hare having problems with 10.4.4/5 installs with systems not booting to driver not working. Why upgrade to 10.4.4/5 ? : The only reason behind this is to keep up with Apple's current updates and patches for their newest OS. I would only consider updating once 10.5 aka Leapard arrives by end of '06, but as of now, all of 10.4 releases are minor updates and aren't different from any other. My best advice is, sorry to tell you that but let's hope that someone will eventually find a fix for ATI cards. In the meantime, run 10.4.3 until Leapard rolls out at the end of '06.
  11. Uh ohh. I can only tell you how to work on a disk that's now rendered pretty much GUI-less to you - which means you can still get to the terminal. Only if you can boot into single user mode but the keys won't work as they do on Macs. You need to boot using your Mac OS X install cd to get to single user mode. What you need to do is... Boot the cd as if you're going to reinstall the OS. Once at the screen with File Edit View etc at the top, the install disk will have an option for you to access Terminal.app on one of the top drop-down menus. Use the Terminal and type: '/sbin/mount -t hfs -rw /dev/disk0sX /Volumes' where X=your slice or partition number maybe 1 or 2. Your hard drive's device should be something like disk0s1 or disk0s2 - you need to find out which device, but most likely it's one of those two. Then replace the files you've changed so your video will work correctly. I hope you've backed up the original files. Good luck.
  12. VoRTeX15O

    Efi-emulator on BIOS?

    I agree. This will help alleviate the many problems most people are having with 10.4.4/5 on BIOS based PCs.
  13. WOW a T60p already running OSx86? well that's just sweet. Have you benched it using xbench now that you have OpenGL support? I'm just curious how the Core Duo ThinkPads run. Apparently, I had to edit both files. As far as how thing goes, I still have the generic name as 'VGA-Compatible Controller' . Nice find though.
  14. Sorry for delaying. I couldn't find anything this time. There was another site with a video of what you're describing. I can't remember where it was, but he's also waiting for a fix and his laptop isn't a T43p. Send me your email address and I can send you my ATIRadeon9700.kext . Don't know if that's going to help any, but it's worth a try. Let me know.
  15. VoRTeX15O

    [HOW TO] Install Darwine on 10.4.5

    Hi, what does this mean? Does Darwine work on 10.4.3? wine: failed to initialize: dlopen(/tmp/wine_root/lib/wine/ntdll.dll.so, 2): Symbol not found: _i386_set_ldt Referenced from: /Applications/Darwine/Wine.bundle/Contents/bin/../lib/libwine.1.dylib Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib I tried Notepad.exe