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  1. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    After a while, the only problems that I have with this build are: 1. Both of the ethernet cards are barely usable... unbelievable slow connection speeds, i tried to copy a 100 mb zip file and it took several minutes to complete the operation... Anyone found a solution to this issue ? 2. While overclocked as described few posts earlier, while disabling xhci in bios - the geekbench gains a 10% boost, but only 4 usb ports are usable ( the usb 2.0 ones). It must be a way to patch the kernel of usb 3.0 to work aswell... Any hint would be appreciated!
  2. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: I got my 5960x overclocked at 4.16 Ghz (as seen by iStatMenu only by adding a 42 cpu multiplier in bios, with a 1.2 vcore temperature but - very important, by disabling speedstep and enabling turbo. If you don't enable turbo mode, nothing above the base multiplier (30, in my case) will be recognized by clover / osx. Also, disabling Xhci got me a 10% improvement in cpu performance, but lost all the usb 3 ports ( I guess I have to install generic usb kext for those to come back). 33000 in geekbench at 64 bit with 10.10.2 with cpu temps at around 50 celsius (fractal design s36 water cooler - awesome one !)
  3. I got my 5960x overclocked at 4.16 Ghz (as seen by iStatMenu only by adding a 42 cpu multiplier in bios, with a 1.2 vcore temperature but - very important, by disabling speedstep and enabling turbo. If you don't enable turbo mode, nothing above the base multiplier (30, in my case) will be recognized by clover / osx. Also, disabling Xhci got me a 10% improvement in cpu performance, but lost all the usb 3 ports ( I guess I have to install generic usb kext for those to come back). 33000 in geekbench at 64 bit with 10.10.2 with cpu temps at around 50 celsius (fractal design s36 water cooler - awesome one !)
  4. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    UPDATE: I have disabled the speedstep and increased the multiplier to 42 - oddly enough, the cpu was recognized in bios as 3900 MHz, which is fine with me - BUT, after booting into MAC, for the very first time, iStatMenu sees the 42 multiplier and the cpu as... somewhere areound 4 GHz ... AND I finally got a 30000 Geekbench score. So, it works in Clover, but you have to turn off the speedstep. I guess it's a decent turnaround.. Talked to a guy from overclockers forum and he said that turbo has to be enabled otherwise the cpu won't go above 30 multiplier .. so I have turbo enabled ( actually I couldn;t get it disabled when changing multipliers ) and speedstep disabled! Maybe should I also try to use both 125 bclk and cpu multiplier ... ?!
  5. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    Hi! I have installed HW sensors ( HWSensors 6.14.1364 (Binaries) and now everything seems to be fine - cpu, motherboard, hdd temperatures are shown. Also, clover config did the trick with changing the serial number. Regarding the OC, I really don't understand why when I set the cpu multiplier only - like 42 instead of 30, when I boot into mac the iStatMenu hardware monitor software still detects it at 30 and not 42, and the CPu freq is set to 3000 instead of 4200 - I thought that is only cosmetic, but it isn.t - the Geekbench score is still 21500 However, when I set the xmp profile= 1 from bios and the bclk is automatically set to 125, the iStatMenu detects it at 3.5 Ghz and the Geekbench score raises to 25.000 As far as I understand, only the bclk freq can force the cpu to OC into mac ? How is that possible ? Shouldn't be the bios settings kept ?Is this specific for Asus Deluxe only or it applies to all the motherboards ? And how does other users obtain OC freq of 4.3 GHz with the same CPu and Motherboard ? One last small thing - I have observed that whenever I make changes into hardware, like inserting another HDD, leaving a usb plugged in while booting when it wasn't there when I last shut down the computer, etc etc - makes it restart at least one time 20-30 seconds after choosing the hdd to boot from in the clover interface, like a kernel panic occurs or smth. If I don't make hardware modifications, booting and rebooting is flawless and very fast. Can I make anything about that ?
  6. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    I actually made it work using both ##### installer and clover on both asus deluxe and Gigabyte ud4. The only problem was that I was using verbose and as soon as I saw "PCI configuration Begin", I didn't wait enough time (since I thought it was kind of an error, since the digit meter on my motherboard changed from AE to AA or smth like that), after 10 seconds I simply pressed restart every time. A friend of mine came by and forgot to press restart while talking to him then it booted up... argh! ) I guessed it would have worked after the very first trials with a little bit of patience .. For the moment, I incline to keep the Asus deluxe one, but I am not sure if it justifies the 200$ price difference in my country. Also, looking for the right bios modifications to overclock this lazy piece of silicone ! ) I am afraid not to mess things up, though... Another thing that I am trying to find an answer is - I need to change my serial number of the new build so that it will be identic to my last build ( so that I don't need to re-authorise most of my bought licenses) - is it possible to do this with clover or any other method ? I saw that it is possible to do that by generating new codes, but haven't managed to find a way to paste an existing one. Any hint would be appreciated. Thanks to this wonderful community I am a happy hackintosher Thank you all, guys!
  7. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    Hi! Thank you for all your support! Today I just had enough of this mad experiment and went to buy a Gigabyte X99 UD4 motherboard, since all of my previous builds (4-5 of them) were only made with Gigabyte and I had never had problems installing a hackie. I have followed this guide: 5960x Yosemite Install Guide everything went smoothly with my old 9600 GT with nv_disable=1 flag ( otherwise it loads a little bit, then the screens are becaming black. ) Anyway, in Yosemite, everything is moving reaally sloow, the graphics are very laggy. Only a single problem encountered: asfter the installation on hdd, trying to erase the kernel from the HDD and also copy the kexts from the usb stick failed. So I just put the hdd in my other hackie, patched the kernel, copyed the kexts, repaired the permission, put the hdd back in my new build and everything was ok. I also tried to use a GTX 760 Graphics card that I have borrowed from a friend and the black bar is not loading up, only the apple logo appears with an empty bar underneath it. I have tried nv_disable=1 and also nvda_drv=1, none of them worked. ( only the apple logo appears, with an empty bar underneath it, then, after a minute or so, the screen are going black). Anyway, that prooves that since I made from the very first trial that I was not that wrong as I thought...and, most important, that wasn't doing something that wrong... Another difference was that I have made the bootable usb from my other hackie, on Yosemite. Until today, all my USB bootable sticks were made on my hackie laptop which has Mountain Lion installed on it. So... at this point, I really believe it is the Asus x99 Deluxe's latest bios which causes problems. I will try to put an older bios on that one and will try again.
  8. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    "You can also add a debug boot arg which might give you more information: debug=0x14E " I did, it simply stucks at PCI Config error... "What logging output are you getting? " - What are you saying is that should I take a picture of the screen or is it a log txt file somewhere ? "Not sure if the 10.10.1 kernel will be ok booting on a 10.10.2 install. Also, it is handy having a working Yosemite install, since if you mount the new HD and touch /S/L/Extensions, it picks up the new kernel and builds the compressed prelinkkernel and copies it to cache. The link above is not a prelinked one. I used it on my USB install" - I have a working Yosemite installation on my other hackie (x58a ud3r) . I seem not to understand wether it is good or not to touch the s/l/e with the new build hdd put into my old x58a build with yosemite installation. Could you please be more specific on this particular info ? I don't know how prelinkkernel and cache work... " What do you think if the new guys install method you used - I've not tried it." The new installation method is the most simple I have found.... and Here is a post installer for x79 and x99 (it is in french): http://www.hackintosh-montreal.com/t4173-post-installateur-pour-x79-et-x99 Thanks for the dropbox links .. Will try using the patched 10.10.1 kernel and also your clover config.plist in 3-4 hours and I'll let you know. UPDATE: I guess I have found the problem.... I got the PCI Config error because in my bios I can't have the CMS set to "Disable", since 9600 GT has no UEFI drivers, so everytime I set CMS to disable, I got this error in Bios, at restart: "Your VGA card is not supported by UEFI driver", so it reboots and re-sets the CMS to "Enable". I will try today with a GTX 760, to see how it goes...
  9. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    Using this : NEW WAY TO INSTALL OS X YOSEMITE V2 - OSx86 10.10 (Yosemite) with post install updated, I have managed to get to pic from attachement, but using whatever flags it still stops at PCI config begin... Untill now, all the Clover methods have led me to crippled graphics, this cool shiny graphic is the most advanced so far... What's to do next ? ARGHHHH!!!
  10. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    Ok, time for Clover, following Rampage Dev Guide for Yosemite I have an asus deluxe x99 , 5960x cpu and a Nvidia 9600 Gt video card I have left only one 1 ram module of 4 Gb. I have followed Rampage Dev guide exactly: installed the 10.10.2 , clover, replaced the config.plist then I had two approaches: one with nothing else modified, one with added fakesmc and Null pwer kext with edited 15 plist for the 8 core 5960xand also bootflags edited with clover configurator. Both got me PCI Configuration error like in attachements. I can't make it to the installer. What should I do next ? Following the guide from X99 Dmg ? Or that is only post install oriented? Should I try to further configure the config.plist file ? One important thing: It seems that I can't disable the CSM in bios - if I do, it reboots, then I got a message saying that the vga card is not supported by the uefi driver (see attachements). Should I exchange my video card ? The same card works with Yosemite in my other x58a build. Anyone could share a working config playlist. Bios is 1601 ? Should I downgrade to 1501 or older ? P.S. : I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! Every suggested boot flag, disabled most of the things in BIOS (except CSM, which seems to be reactivating itself with every boot), trying with the 8600 GTS instead of 9600 GT Graphics Card, changing the graphics card place on the pci.... both ##### installer and Rampdev clover method .. I AM ALWAYS STUCK At PCI Root Configuration. I will try to install Mavericks instead, but since I haven't purchase it, is there any other method that I could try to install it ? I REALLY THINK THIS FAILURE IS DUE TO THE :1. 1601 BIOS Version or 2. the fact that I am making all the usb stick from a 10.10.2 Yosemite version that I have downloaded in my Appstore. Could anybody with the same bios (1601) or that has a 10.10.2 on the appstore please confirm that could pass by the "PCI Configuration Root" error on a Asus X99 Deluxe mobo using a usb boot stick?
  11. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    I have looked for other AppleACPIPlatform.kext, found the original one that was on the ##### stick, should I use that instead? Update: Update: 1. only left 1 ram 4gb - when using the copied mach_kernel ##### usb stick - the "System uptime in nanoseconds" is no more present - at some point, after loading system.kexts, the screen goes black 2. when using the terminal patched using flags on another ##### usb stick: still pci configuration error as in attach I have repaired permissions with kextwizard. flags used: -v ncpi=0x2000 cpus=1 nv_disable=1 - sometimes i use debug=0x14e and -f ok, let's try the clover method, then....
  12. I got this error when trying to download it: Oops! Something went wrong! [#10173] We could not find the attachment you were attempting to view. Can anyone post it again, please ?
  13. I just saw your post, and it finally made me realize what is the problem that I have, too. I have just purchased Asus X99 Deluxe together with 5960x cpu, planning to install Yosemite. I have updated to 1601 bios version in 30 minutes after assembling the system. I have tried different install methods, none succeded ( stuck either at "PCI configuration begin" or "The system uptime in nanoseconds" , and when using Clover I got into the same error " waiting 10 seconds before exiting, just like you did. Is BIOS version causing that ? Is it possible to downgrade it to a lower version of bios ? What version would you recommend ? Thank you for your time!
  14. Asus X99 Deluxe + 5960x - Stuck, please help!

    RE-re-re-rechecked the ##### installer (it seems that the mach_kernel was not there ) , also this is the first time that I put the USB stick into a USB 2 instead of USB3 - ... I have moved on to another stuck: " The system uptime in nanoseconds" " I start to think that is related to 1601 bios update that I just did... I am following the exact steps as other people describes, and I can't get to the installation process at all.. this is just weird. Thank you so much, Jackfoley, I am sure I am very close... I'll just try again and again.
  15. I have finally purchased my components for my new audio production rig: Mobo: Asus x99 Deluxe - I have just updated the bios to latest version - 1601 CPU: 5960x Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16 Gb 4x4Gb 2666 Mhz PSU: Corsair Ax1200i Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D CPU cooler: Fractal Design S36 SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250 Gb Graphics: either an old Nvidia 9600 Gt or an even older 8600 Gt - they work perfectly on my x58a build in Mountain Lion and Yosemite. Installed windows on the ssd drive just to make sure that everything works fine. I had an older clean Hdd with a beasted Yosemite install on it - inserted it, used all the flags that I have found around with no succes - stuck on the PCI ROOT error. Created several Yosemite USB stick installers, using Rampage Dev Method. In bios, when I disable CSM, I got a warning and when I try to boot I get this error, with both Nvidia 8600 GTS and 9600 GT in slot pci 1 (even though they both work on my x58a build): "The Vga card is not supported by UEFI driver" CSM have been changed for better compatibility. - it re-enables itself at the next reboot. The "Other Os" remains selected, though. - see Pic 1 If i continue with booting from the usb stick, I got the graphics from pic2 & pic3. Pressing enter or spacebar on any of the verbose or boot without cache variants give me the "Error loading kernel cache error. Boot Failed sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting" error, as seen in pic 4. Trying to boot from the ##### Yosemite installation done on my x58a rig just hangs at the apple logo. Please help, I can't figure out what should I do next. Thank you so much for your time!