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  1. EFI_Clover for VMware

    In order to use this, do you have to have a patched version of VMware using Donk's unlocker, or is this intended for booting macOS on an unpatched VMware install?
  2. Ipad 1

    Would anyone know if it is possible to cross-flash a newer version of iOS to it or perhaps modify a newer iOS version to put on it? I'd like to run iOS 9.
  3. Has anyone here tried it? I know they say you shouldn't, but it seems harmless as long as you set a root password.
  4. ...has anyone tried it? I'm surprised to see that I didn't find another thread on here about it already. Edit: Looks like someone posted one while I was searching for one. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/330098-macos-high-sierra-root-user-vulnerability/
  5. Forum Dark theme

    If a dark theme was added, I would definitely use it in favor of what we have now. I don't have anything against the current theme, but I prefer darker themes because they're easier on the eyes. I realize that I could use a Chrome plugin to add custom styling, but I'm not so desperate for a dark theme that I would take the time to do that.
  6. unlocker209-unofficial.zip

    Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Just so you know, Donk has actually put a stable release that adds support for Workstation 14, and it undoubtedly is much better than this release. As for me taking over the project, that remains to be seen. Donk has discussed it with me, but there is someone else who has apparently expressed interest in doing so, and as far as I am aware, Donk has not made a decision as to who he would like to have take over. Regarding the 128MB video memory limit, I am afraid that this limitation is beyond the control of the patcher. In order for a larger memory limit to be supported, VMware will have to implement the appropriate changes.
  7. Very slow website.

    Really? All good here!
  8. Are you sure this problem is related to the patch? From the admittedly-little research I have done, this is typically a snapshot-related issue (see https://communities.vmware.com/thread/440046). This is obviously an virtual machine from an older VMware version (as indicated by the presence of an "Upgrade this virtual machine" option in the UI), so it's possible that something may be wrong with the VM itself. Try creating a new VM but using your existing VMDK file. If you have snapshots, you will have to look in to how to move them if that is something you want to do. I have no experience with migrating a VM with snapshots, so I really do not know how the process works.
  9. unlocker209-unofficial.zip

    Hmm. In that case, you may want to wait until Donk puts out an official 2.0.9 release. I may be taking the project over from Donk, but before I do, he needs to teach me some stuff.
  10. unlocker209-unofficial.zip

    What version of macOS are you trying to use? If it is High Sierra, I am wondering if perhaps it is an issue with the HFS+ to APFS switch.
  11. unlocker209-unofficial.zip

    The official release of 2.0.9 is currently being developed. The code for it is available pubilcly, but there's not release of 2.0.9. My guess is that you downloaded the 2.0.8 release, which from what others have said, allows you to use existing macOS VMs, but does not add the option of creating new VMs to the UI. I'd say that for the time being, you should either stick with the unofficial version that I've published, or wait until after the official version is released. Don't use what's on GitHub.
  12. Ah! So many problems! If I take over this project from Donk, I am going to have to come up with a better way of handling issue reports because there is just too much going on here.
  13. unlocker209-unofficial.zip

    Was this an issue with previous unlocker versions as well? Could you tell me more about your setup? I have not had any problems whatsoever with macOS VMs from previous Workstation versions. This patch should add an option for macOS to the menu. Could you tell me more about your setup? What platform are you using?