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  1. Hello, I originally started with my WAMP stack running on Windows 8.1, and installed Mavericks on a second HDD so I have a "distraction-free" work environment. I used Paragon NTFS drivers to get R/W access to my NTFS partitions. This way, I was able to get the built-in Apache running and pointed it to my existing document root on the Windows partition. I then installed the exact same MySQL version (5.6.12) I had on Windows, on my OS X partition. However when I tried pointing the datadir to my old folder on my Windows partition, it didn't work: ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file Further reading brought up the possibility this could be a permissions issue. I know MySQL has a separate "_mysql" user on OS X, which I assume needs the same R/W access to my NTFS partition. Is there any way I can do this? I'm not sure the Paragon NTFS drivers give R/W rights to all users (I could be wrong). Or is there a better way I can set up auto-mount R/W NTFS access for all users? Hoping for some help. Thanks!
  2. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Working perfectly on 10.9.4 plus netkas' package. Now if only we can get multiple monitors working. My secondary screen has now become useless.
  3. I've heard reports of certain X-Fi cards working using certain versions if VoodooHDA, so I suppose that would be my next step. Topic marked as solved. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Thank you for helping me so far. Unfortunately that didn't work either. Installed the later kext from that topic, but still don't have ethernet even after a reboot. Anyone here have the same type of ethernet card? UPDATE: Got Ethernet working using M u l t i B e a s t, installed AppleIntelE1000e.kext and it worked like a charm. GTX 680 works OOB, so all that's left now is my X-Fi Xtremegamer card.
  5. Apparently my built in gigabit ethernet is an Intel 82567V-2. Though I can't see any ML kexts for it.
  6. Repairing permissions worked, actually. I was finally able to boot into Mountain Lion. Thanks! Also apparently FakeSMC.kext didn't copy over even if I remember doing so (noticed this while trying to set permissions for it via terminal). Anyway, ML didn't detect my ethernet card for some reason, so I don't have internet access. Any idea how I can fix this so I can start debugging everything else? P.S. I have the 10.7 Lion Rampage III Extreme DSDT. Should I just drop this into /Extra/ on my install directory and it should work just like that? Not sure how to install it.
  7. Update: Replacing AppleACPIPlatform.kext with the SL version got me past that. Now it's stuck at "PCI Configuration begin" doing nothing.
  8. Hey again, got more updates: Success! Apparently the installer was working already, just that it was appearing on my second (HDMI) monitor. Unplugged my secondary display for simplicity's sake, and successfully installed Mountain Lion. Already copied NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and FakeSMC.kext over post-install. However now I'm stuck when I try to boot into my new install. Attached screenshots of booting with and without -x. If I don't boot verbose, I just get the Apple logo with the spinning throbber. Thanks for everyone trying to help so far, btw. Hope I get this at least to desktop soon so I can at least use it.
  9. Update: Setting "Execute disable bit" to enabled on my BIOS actually got me past that and into the actual verbose boot screen. Now I'm stuck on the gray screen with nothing moving/happening. Booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes gets me a black screen instead and the monitor loses signal. cpus=1 didn't make any difference.
  10. Hello, just want to say this is EXACTLY what's going on with my install now. And I have no idea what to touch in the BIOS to fix it.
  11. Alright, I've attached screens from my BIOS. Some other things I've tried: - Moving blank HDD to Marvell controller. - Using another USB drive for the installer. - Reverting BIOS to stock, except setting SATA to AHCI mode. Nothing. Stops at the same point, then reboots. Anything else I should try? Anyone with an Asus X58 board who can offer assistance as well?
  12. I really don't understand what's wrong. If only someone could provide a list of BIOS settings I should be watching, if that's my problem. Or anything else. I'll try another USB drive if that works.
  13. Sure, here's the point where it stops: Can't say for sure if a kext is causing the panic, since it gives me no details whatsoever as to what the problem is. After that line, it shows the Darwin x86 line again for less than a second, before automatically rebooting.
  14. I do boot with -v. I always do, I mentioned this in my first post. I even specified where it stops.
  15. Okay so I tried following the vanilla tutorial again, but this time overwriting AppleACPIPlatformFamily.kext with the SL version I found posted by eep357 on another topic. Still the same, stops after loading TMSafetyNet.kext with the generic "Errors encountered while starting up the computer" message. What could be wrong? Also, can anyone give me a full list of BIOS settings on an Asus X58 board that I should be changing? I'm not sure where the problem lies as to why it won't even let me get into the installer. EDIT: I'll try reverting my overclock to stock based on this thread http://www.insanelym...tial-kext-load/. If that works, I'm worried I won't be able to overclock my system at all to run ML. EDIT2: Nope, removing my overclock didn't work. Must be some other BIOS setting or I don't know.