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  1. Hi guys, Been a while since I've posted here on these forums, but anyway... I'm currently trying to customize the Mac OS X Lion Recovery disc that you can create from the Mac OS X Recovery Partition (I've created a recovery USB stick). I'm wanting to add Carbon Copy Cloner to the drive so I can run it without having to have a full install of Mac OS X on a USB drive just to clone/image my Macs. I've added the application to the /Applications folder, however the application doesn't run when I try and launch it from the Terminal (error is: Carbon Copy Cloner.app is a directory). The usual open -a Carbon Copy Cloner.app doesn't work as it is an unsupported command. Has anyone here made a customized Mac OS X install/recovery disk with additional tools on it? If so, what tips/steps were involved? Google searching for something like this just yields the endless loop of creating a bootable USB drive from the Mac OS X installer.
  2. Hrm, I've noticed the July 31 update about fixing mouse tearing... I'm not sure if my setup is suffering from this. When using Firefox I've noticed that I get a render issue where the mouse cursor gets painted on the screen in one spot, and yet still moving around in others... Is this what the 'mouse tearing is referring too?'
  3. I've just got iatkos 10.5.4 running on my machine (acer aspire 5570z) by following the guide here. It boots up successfully, however when I get up to the point of copying the two ionetworking kexts, it hangs on reboot (with -v -f) trying to install something called autofsmonitor. I believe this is something to do with it detecting new hardware on boot (the wifi card). Has anyone had a similar issue but got working again?
  4. I'm trying to get iatkos 4 running - but after copying the two networking related kext over, bootup is currently causing it to hang on ntpdate on startup. Any ideas? Or has anyone had success with this release? I have tried disabling automatic time update, but then it hangs on installing AutoFSMonitor.
  5. Well, mine's all up and running, now on 10.5.3 (don't ask me how exactly I did it, because I think it was pure dumb luck). I've got Carbon Copy and am currently the process of making a DMG of the whole disk prior to apps (2.2Gb compressed). I had tried the Intel950 video card fix (that was supposed to stop mouse artefacts) but have had no luck - the screen just goes mental until I plug my Dell 2405 into it, then I can use it (I have copied over my old FrameBuffer file in the meantime to get it stable).
  6. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    I've successfully installed 10.5.3 and installed the natit.kext as per this thread here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=89257&st=0 However, when I boot into the OS, Finder loads, and then immediately starts to throw a fit - the entire screen just go crazy. When I plug my external monitor in (Dell 2405), the laptop screen returns to normal useable state. I'm running an Acer Aspire 5570. I've used iatkos 10.5.1r2 and updated to 10.5.3. Do I have to replace AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext? My current version is My previous version is from Mac OS X 10.5.2 (had updated from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 to 10.5.3). *Edit, yes, I do have too. Just figured that out. I really wish instructions on this forum were much more specific than general.
  7. Take One, Leave One

    Two men. Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Anniston?
  8. Has anyone followed this process but used the Stock AppleACPIPlatform.kext and the Stock Kernel?