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  1. Black screen after "Starting Darwin x86"

    Yes, tried with/without cpus=1 arch=i386 and every possible combination, it's right there on the original post. Thank you.
  2. Black screen after "Starting Darwin x86"

    Nope, no good news. Since no one knows/cares (no matter how much detailed I tried to be) I gave up and went back to Snow Leopard. If anyone can help, at least giving something to try that I haven't already, I'd really appreciate it (and now we are two).
  3. Hi there, I'm stuck with a black screen during the loading of the installer, right after the "Starting Darwin x86" line. No matter what I change, it always hangs there. Here's the full post about this issue: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=265071 I hope you can help me troubleshot it. Thanks!
  4. This you've been posted in the OSX86 Installation forum, my mistake, if any mod see this please help me move it. Thanks! Hi, I'm trying to do a clean install of 10.7 (GM), once I boot the installation it loads the kernels and all but I can't get past the "Starting Darwin x86" while loading the Lion installer (see photo), after that line it just halts at a black screen, no disk/pendrive activity. I've successfully installed vanilla SL/L on the same machine before. I've already tried the guides from Mald0n, Still Win Fan and tseug and I always end up with the same exact problem. Tried with: GUID/MBR Pendrive/HDD partition GraphicsEnabler yes/no Different versions of Chameleon Using my own kexts and the ones attached on every guide, including mixes I think the bootloader is not the issue since I can use it to boot my current SL partition, which also gives me the hint that no special DSDT is necessary (though I've tried with and without the SL one). In SL I need to use cpus=1 arch=i386 which makes me wonder if it's normal that it detects two CPUs, as you can see in the next photo: Specs: Compal HEL80 VBI (known in Argentina as NB EXO Smart WK65) Intel Core 2 Duo T2350 @ 1.86GHz Chipset Intel 945PM / ICH7-M Nvidia GeForce GO 7600 Realtek ALC883 Gigabyte GN-WI07HT-RH EFI (SL) overview: Current EFI (Lion installer) overview: Any hint/advice is welcome to troubleshot this. Thanks!
  5. Antes que nada muchisimas gracias a macgirl y a todos por este gran thread, y en recompensa aporto mi granito de arena. Tuve el mismo problema que TENTE menciona, pero con un teclado USB Genius Slimstar KKB-2050U, la tecla "> <" que está al lado del shift izquierdo estaba intercambiada por la "ºª\" que está debajo del escape, y la tecla command estaba en la tecla del logotipo de Windows en vez de en la tecla alt. Para resolver la primera parte (la de las teclas no-modificadoras) edité con el Ukelele el archivo que gentilmente publicó OsXsO (gracias!), cambiando la resolución de las teclas en cuestión. Estoy adjuntando el zip con los dos archivos que tienen que extraer en "/Library/Keyboard Layouts". Una vez hecho esto, deben ir al panel "International" de "System Preferences", y en la solapa "Input Menu" tildar el item "Español" de la lista (representa al archivo que acabamos de instalar). Luego vamos al icono del "Input menu" en la menu bar y lo activamos. Por último lo más facil: en "Keyboard & Mouse", click en el botón "Modifier Keys" y rotar las teclas Option y Command, seleccionando arriba "USB KB" donde dice "Select keyboard". Espero que le sea util a alguien más. Saludos a toda la comunidad pirata de la manzana! Teclado_espa_ol_USB.zip