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  1. This one works, thanks (10.6.3)
  2. WoW installer crashing

    had the same problem, and also have jmicron controler. What i did was make a disk image of all wow cds and wotlk dvd using toast titanium, then i mounted it using toast and installed from hard drive.
  3. Smoke isn't exactly a "finishing box" only, to an extent it is but flint/flame + conform would fit that description more imho. More on the front of turnkey all-in-ones you have ifx Piranha (http://www.ifx.com/products/piranha) and even a Cinerella based turnkey (don't underestimate Cinerella) http://www.lmahd.com/cinelerra.html. As far as compositing goes you won't get a lot more out of Apple/windows there either (shake, nuke, fusion flint/flame/inferno, houdini).. In terms of film work linux is already there, we'll see if it gets there in terms of TV/hd video stuff anytime soon though.
  4. Yeah the wifi worked out of the box for me with the Kallyway 10.5.2 install dvd, I'm not even sure which kext it uses In fact, _everything_ works on my lappy now except for the tvout but I think I need to research a bit more on that (nvidia 8400GS 256mb).
  5. Hey i have the sme laptop and everything works fine for me (albeit I have Leopard 10.5.4 installed), maybe upgrading to leo would help?
  6. btw, as a working solution, this deserves a sticky.
  7. Ahh finally! It was hard to believe! It works! Big thank you to the authors
  8. Grub Problems...

    grub won't boot osx unless you give it a link with efi. do the following wiht root user on linux (ie: open terminal, type "su -", password, then start stuff from that terminal ie. type gedit to edit text files, type firefox to start firefox as root: 1. download pc_efi_v80.tar.bz2 and get the booti_v8 file from it (search here or google or try http://www.mediafire.com/?0xxzx0xsumg) (extract with the command tar xjfv pc_efi_v80.tar.bz2, cd into it) 2. copy the file boot_v8 to your /boot/ directory (cp boot_v8 /boot) 3. edit /boot/grub/menu.lst, at the bottom of the file add: title macosx kernel (hd0,1)/boot/boot_v8 root=/dev/sda1 replace (hd0,1) and /dev/sda1 with your linux partition (NOT osx partition). Check out the file /boot/grub/device.map to see what (hd*) is mapped to what /dev/sd* in Grub. Usually Grub maps your /dev/sda1 to (hd0,0) (so grub counts from 0 where /dev stuff counts from 1) if you want windows as well (though I think yast'll write this in automatically) add this: title windows rootnoverify (hd0,1) chainloader (hd0,0)+1 replace (hd0,0) with your windows partition and (hd0,1) with your linux one when you got all this down in pc_efi screen which will come up when you chose it in grub menu on boot, hit esc and type in 80 for your /dev/sda, 81 for your /dev/sdb etc, targeting whichever physical hard disk device has your osx install on it.
  9. Most professional editing and compositing systems out there are running on Linux (and only on Linux) Smoke http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index...&id=5561833 and FFI. I agree that Linux needs a less expensive lower end (HD) sollution though :/
  10. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    I understand EFiX would "be" the efi code itself, however I bet they included a couple of kexts onto the chip to support a bit broader hardware? Might be wrong. I wasn't reffering to the "x86 community" per se, but to the open source freely available code for various device drivers for bsd/linux kernels which I suppose would help driver writers so they don't have to go from scratch (as you've used as a starting point for the bcm ethernet card driver).
  11. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    So you are saying there is _NO_ (as in _zero_) community provided code in EfiX? With "by getting the source from the company" you mean they read the hardware specifications provided by hardware manufacturers and write the drivers based on the specs? Thats very odd considering the amount of code already provided by the entire x86 as well as free/open bsd comunities.
  12. I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

    <3 Patrick
  13. I had everything working out of the box with the Kallyway dvd (afair one of the developpers has this board). Updated using Kallyway updates from 10.5.1>10.5.3 and Apple update 10.5.3>10.5.4. If you chose another "distro" you'll find the kexts one by one here on this website using the search
  14. The case is about OSX (leo/snow leo/10.7, any other version). You mean, if the ruling is in favor of Psystar, they'll have to open from the next major OSX version? Hm yeah that would at least buy Apple some time. But that would make _current_ Psystar business not valid which would mean Psystar didn't win the case but reached some kind of settlement with Apple. This is a very possible outcome of course. I don't see it as a possibility. Apple is a public corporation, if their board of directors would make such a suicidal decision the shareholder assembly would just replace the board since the company would lose hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course the board knows this plus they themselves (being major shareholders) would never take such an absurd move. If they decide to include the gaming console business in the future no one is stopping them, but they won't quit their personal computer business. As far as gadgets are concerned (including cell phones etc.) Apple is already a major player on the market. In fact their gadget business would benefit a _lot_ if existing non-mac x86 owners would be able to install OSX.