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  1. GTX970 Constant Screen Blanking

    I've been having trouble for a while with my screens turning off and immediately back on again (so frequently now its almost unusable). Each time it occurs these entries appear in the event log default 10:24:59.241380 +0000 kernel kPEDisableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.322581 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.409450 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.414803 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.424467 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.429909 +0000 kernel kPEDisableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.446867 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.499073 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:24:59.565793 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.004950 +0000 kernel kPEDisableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.105231 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.192440 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.197699 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.207036 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.212454 +0000 kernel kPEDisableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.229401 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 default 10:25:00.282418 +0000 kernel kPEEnableScreen 1 I'm running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 with the Nvidia Web drivers 367.15.10.15f01. It used to occur infrequently on 10.11.x, and was completely stable on 10.10.x. The video card has no such issues when booting into Windows (hence I don't believe there is any hardware fault) I'm running 3 monitors of the card all at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60hz Has anyone else seen this type of issue before?
  2. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Many thanks that fixed it, I think I got confused by reading the requirements section and seeing that alc892-93 being listed as for Mavericks 10.9.3/AppleHDA.kext_v2.6.1 and so ran that script first, before the script in the CloverALC directory.
  3. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Attached AppleHDA.kext.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip
  4. Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hi I'm having trouble getting audio to work using the Clover method, I can see the Intel High Definition Audio in the System Information, with all the relevant ports, however under Settings/Sound there are no output devices listed. Configuration as follows:- 1. OSX version/motherboard model/Bios version/Processor/Graphics OSX 10.9.3, Gigabyte GA-87X-HD3, Intel 3.4Ghz Core I5, ATI Radeon 4890 2. Procedure Used Clover Patched Realtek ALC Installation 3. IOReg Attached IOReg.zip 4 Chameleon Not Applicable 5 Clover Attached Clover.zip Any help you can provide to get this working will be much appreciated. IOReg.zip Clover.zip
  5. [SOLVED] iCloud and Facetime not working

    freddy3k I managed to find a solution to my issue on another site, details as follows:- I knew it!!! You need a valid UUID to make your iCloud work... For everyone that tried everything and still failed... Check on your bdmesg if you have the same error I do... If you do then a) Install latest chameleon boot loader Go to http://www.famkruith...et/uuid/uuidgen, and copy the uuid generated, then change the latest part to match the MAC address of your ethernet device c) Add the following to your org.chameleon.Boot.plist <key>SystemId</key> <string>The key you modified from uuidgen</string> Anyhow that solved my problem, and I can now use iCloud and FaceTime successfully. Hope this helps you and anyone else that is still having issues. Regards Dave
  6. [SOLVED] iCloud and Facetime not working

    I'm also having the same problem, I've followed the other guides to make sure that Ethernet is en1, which has now meant I can access the AppStore successfully, however I'm unable to logon to iCloud of FaceTime. I'm not using a DSDT as Ive used [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] installer method from ###### 4.4, so not sure where any edits would be. I've downloaded the IORegistryExplorer and tried to follow the fix for the previous people within this thread, and can see the value against ethernet@0 built-in is set to 01 as opposed to 00 in the images here. But don't know how I would change it. Any suggestions gratefully received, everything else is working fine and stable.