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  1. Games Anyone?

    Has anyone tried playing any games? Half Life 2? Counterstrike? etc?
  2. external harddrive dual booting?

    i am a video person and i have lots of external harddrives. I haave 1 FW800, 2 FW400s, and i am waiting for the external SATA. All my harddrives are self powered and do not rely on the FW for power. Is there any way to partition and load windows and boot this way, as to not have to partition my limited Macbook pro's limited HD space?
  3. Successful Triple-Boot

    what kind of system are you using?
  4. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    yes but narf has been a contributor to the dual booting for quite some time. i think we should sit, wait, and see what he has to say. have some faith.
  5. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    well as most of us know, narf made some of the initial ground work for all of us, though i imagine his methods at this point will be secretive until he confirms it works, and then publishes them for the contest win. i strongly doubt this image is doctored in any form. A little optimism would be nice for a change.
  6. Let's hope so. http://www.flickr.com/photos/32436196@N00/...in/photostream/
  7. Philosophical Issues with Dual Booting

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/32436196@N00/...in/photostream/ pretty incredible stuff
  8. Before we jump to conclusions about it being fake or not, we must give this person the benefit of the doubt. Hey may not speak english well and so communication may be difficult. As far as a fake is concerned, it really is impossible to tell with all the shaking. I do a lot of video work and i can tell you that there is no way this footage was doctored. it's too shakey to be tampared with unless he went through the trouble of going frame by frame. I think we should hear this guy out. If he doesn't speak english then he doesn't know what we want, if he doesn't know what we want then he doesn't know about watching it boot up from start to finish, allowing us to watch the drivers, etc. before we bite, we should atleast listen and assume he is presenting us with a probable solution and a direction to go in. It will be very fast to tell if he's lying. But based on whats given to us at present, its unfair to judge so. Let's work together and we'll see who's legit or not really fast.
  9. Will Windows Vista will not support EFI for 32 bit chips. As stated here: http://apcmag.com/apc/v3.nsf/0/E666E4A0A30...A25712C008166C4 Hate to say it, but it seems that if this is Microsoft's strategy, they may be directly trying to keep us from installing windows on our macs. I know i know, who cares, microsoft is selling us straight copies, but in the long run, look at it this way. Apple running windows is bad for dell, bad for gateay, therefore, bad for microsoft. People who just want to run a few games and a few apps most likely won't upgrade with every realese of windows. Once we get our one copy, we won't go back as long as the apps are still running. But, just because they don't do it, doesn't mean we can't. Maybe darwine or vmware or hell, even VPC will work at native/near native speeds with access to drivers and the hardware and what not.
  10. New Vista Build, New Problems

    a newer version of the vista build was released. Has anyone tried it? I don't have access to it or else I would.
  11. i think a large fact we are overstepping however, is the lack of hardware. For me, a hardline computer expert(just kidding) i have no interest, nor money to afford two systems. I sold my power mac in order to by a macbook, and i think a lot more "pro" people are just waiting for their macbook pros. I think thats why the wait on the macbook pro is 3-4 weeks while the imac is shipped in less than 24 hours. Even colin, who started the contest, was waiting for a macbook pro vs. the imac. so, now that more people are getting hooked in, we'll get more progress, but as far as sharing is concerned, it seems only nakfull is willing to help others. Thanks Nak! Devon