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  1. Hello, I am currently running Leopard (10.5.7) on my Dell Vostro A860. Pretty much everything works except for 2 things. Internal WiFi & External USB Storage devices. Now, other than USB storage devices not working, my USB works fine. I have a USB wifi card, and a USB webcam which work fine. And, I don't care that my internal wifi doesn't work right now, because I have a much faster USB wifi card (n1) But, I have an external USB hard drive, and a few USB flash drives that I really need to access on this laptop. Whenever I plug in the hard drive or the flash drives, they do not mount. The thing is, they show up in System Profiler, under the USB tab, but they do not mount, and they do not show up in Disk Utility. I am wondering if anyone else had or has this problem, and knows how to fix it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Specs: Dell Vostro A860 Intel Core2Duo 1.42 Ghz 2 GB Ram 500 GB Internal WD Hard Drive Intel Graphics GMA X3100 (I'm not sure if thats what the notebook has, but thats the extension I use and it works fine.) Sound - I don't know what brand hardware, but it works.
  2. EDIT: I got it working!! I can now boot without a disc in my drive. I installed Chameleon onto SuperDrive. So now it boots into Chameleon's boot menu. BUT!!! I still need help. I want to set MegaDrive (disk0s5) as my boot partition. Because I want to format SuperDrive (disk0s1). Any suggestions? please?
  3. I have a bit of a problem . I have Leopard 10.5.7 fully working on my Dell Vostro A860 Notebook. Except for one problem, to boot it up, I have to have my Kalaway DVD in my drive. Well, right now, I am at my friend's house and I left my Kalaway DVD at home. I won't be able to get my DVD for a few days. And my friend's laptop only has CD burner, and I have a few 1 & 2 GB flash drives. I am just wondering, if there is any way to make a simple OSX bootloader (just like the one on the OSX86 DVDs) for a CD or flash drive in Windows XP/Vista (my friends notebook only runs Windows.). Am I going to have to aquire another Kalway copy from the internet? Right now, I am desperate to boot up my notebook, and I only have Leopard installed on it. For some reason, when I updated to 10.5.7 it messed up my bootloader to where it tries to boot from my 2nd partition first. I have 2 partitions: MegaDrive and SuperDrive. MegaDrive has my Leopard installation on it. SuperDrive is just some empty folders. I don't know why, but it always tries to boot from SuperDrive, and says "Error loading operating system". If anyone knows a way I can get into Leopard on my laptop with a CD or FlashDrive (without having to download another copy of Leopard hopefully ); I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it. Also, if anyone can help me fix this AFTER I get booted, I would REALLY appreciate that too. Someone help T_T Thanks, -- Julian/Rurik/RDTG -- EDIT: I found a Darwin bootloader CD for people who want to boot an original leopard disc. I finally got into the menu where I select either SuperDrive or MegaDrive (the menu I get if I let my Kalaway disc count down), but for some reason, I can only boot into safe mode. if I try booting without options, it begins to boot with the apple logo, but after a while it just hangs and stops spinning (sometimes, a cursor appears that I can move, but it disappears after a minute). When I boot using the Kalaway disc, it doesn't hang. Can someone help me set it to boot MegaDrive? Superdrive = disk0s1 MegaDrive = disk0s5 I am really stumped here.
  4. I have a Vostro A860 too. I installed using the Kalyway Distro and it installed without a hitch. Booted fine but I have a list of problems! Working: USB Ports Keyboard VGA Output (Havn't tested yet really) Firewire (i1394 port) DVD/CD Drive Bluetooth Sleep works fine too Not Working: Audio - Not even my speakers work Trackpad - I have to reboot, the sleep trick doesn't work _________________________________ Screen - Black on boot - Sometimes booting with it unplugged w/ a usb device (like a flashdrive) until the screen goes black, then plugging it in makes the screen reappear. And I cannot change resolutions at all. ---------------------------------------------- Networking period. Ethernet doesn't work & neither does Wi-Fi Other problems: When I installed Leopard, I made 3 partitons. 1st: OSX 2nd: A FAT partition I use to move files between Mac and Windows & 3rd: Windows Vista partiton. Well, whenever I format JUST the 3rd partition (even the 2nd one) and get it ready for windows, Leopard will NOT boot. And I did not format my Leopard partiton. It's strange, whenever I format it, it must change something. I start the computer and it says the disk is not bootable. Anyway, there are more but i'm tired right now. If anyone can help me fix these problems I would appreciate it. And if you see anything on my list working that isn't working on yours, let me know and I will try to help you.
  5. Ok, when I installed leopard i used GUID map when I formatted. Now Im trying to add a partition but it just gives me an error Leopard is on /dev/disk1s2 and there is some extra partition that I dont know what it is, its < /dev/disk1s1 Can anyone help? And I still haven't solved my com.apple.boot.plist problem and bluetooth. Other than that, leopard runs great.
  6. Will not boot

    bump...? seriously, anyone? I've tried reinstalling twice.. It still wont work. The same old com.apple.boot.plist.. I used GUID too. On a second note, I still can't get the bluetooth to pair up with my apple wireless mouse and keyboard. I have a TDK Usb bluetooth adapter :\ it works, and the system sees the device. I remember in tiger I had it all paired up.
  7. Will not boot

    Alright, reinstalled, efi correctly, all patches etc..still same problem. Bluetooth too ;_;
  8. Will not boot

    I can boot up into OSX just fine, I just have to boot up by typing that stuff after hitting f8 I want it just to boot itself automatically, I just wish I could pair my keyboard and mouse with my hackintosh
  9. Will not boot

    Well, I finally successfully installed 10.5 then updated to 10.5.1, but when I boot it up, I have to hit F8 and type "mach_kernel rd=disk0s2 -v" or it will say "com.Apple.boot.plist Missing". Any suggestions? Also, another note, I have a bluetooth module, and it works, but, when I try to pair my Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, it connects then says it cannot be paired. Any help there? Specs: Leopard 10.5.1 efi 3.24 Ghz Pentium D 2 GB Ram 200 GB WD ATA Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTOC TDK USB Bluetooth module
  10. [For Sell or Trade] PSP 1.5

    What do you want for the 1GB stick?
  11. Max Payne 1 in 10.4.5

    Today, I installed Max Payne onto 10.4.5 and gave it a test using my GMA950. I tried it with all the graphics settings on high and it ran smooth. (Minus the intro videos, they lag).
  12. For all of you giving MACTEL instructions, note this thread is for DEV DVD, not MACTEL.
  13. If you have a Mac, put a blank hard drive in (atleast 20GB), install using that. It just won't boot on an X86 machine, so if you install Darwin onto another hard drive, you can chroot in and do stuff .
  14. If you have OS X simply use Toast (if that doesn't work try Disk Utility).
  15. You can "kind of" boot off the CD, if you have a spare hard drive with Darwin on it, when it gets to the boot loader type: mach_kernel rd=disk# replace the # with the disk number (boot darwin with CD and type ls /dev to find out) You can also get a quick cursor glimps if you have OSX x86 installed, mount it, chroot to it and type the following: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Resources/WindowServer That was pulled from WindowServer.plist.