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  1. MBPr EFI Bricked

    Hello Everybody, I just joined the really cool community of InsanelyMac, and I will help and reply to many posts when I got the time and the answer For the moment I'm pretty busy to find an answer to one of my big problems, actually more the easiest solution I accidentally corrupted my EFI on my MBPr Late 2013 by using a USB stick having Clover boot loader on it. So I've searched a bit on the net about the possibilities of getting my brick back to work. Has someone heard or maybe even bought something from these guys ? https://macunlocks.com/product/efi-card-instant-for-macbook-macbook-pro-and-macbook-air-solderless-efi-chip/ It looks like a scam, it would just be a perfect and easy solution for my idiocy. The other solution is something about using a RaspberryPi and an interface to erase and put a clean EFI in the chip on the Logicboard. Any advise or tip would be really cool CrazyNoun
  2. external soundcard for iMac ?

    Hi, Are you like an audiophile and wanna listen to high resolution Flac/Alac files ? What kind of listening, headphones or output to stereo/surround system ? CrazyNoun