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  1. I'm in the {censored} position to make a website for a design-agency, which is really looking for the last pixel difference on any browser. Well, at work I've got a windows machine and at home I've got a linux-machine for testing my written code. But I've got no access to a mac-machine an at this time no money to buy one. For this reason I tried to install the macosx86 version, findable in the p2p-network of your trust. As I've got less time to do this, allready spend 2 days on reading howtos etc., I've got no working installation. So: Is there an easy way to get an OSX Desktop over the internet, say by a terminal-server that is freely accessible? All I need is to test HTML-Pages for looking as they should. Thank you for any answers an excuse me for posting this in this board, I don't know another place to ask such things.