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  1. Replace iMac 27 graphic card

    Performance of HD5750 is comparable to HD4850. The first one can be a little faster, especially in very high resolutions as it has more VRAM, but don't expect to get much more fps than on 4850. In my opinion it's definitelly not worth that $400. I think the only iMac GPU available now, that should be able to deal with 2560x1440 may be the 6970M in new 27'' iMacs. It's still a mobile version though, so it's performance won't be as good as desktop 6970.
  2. You have AMD mobo and AppleHDA seems to not work with them since 10.6. I think it simply checks if there is Intel's or nvidia's chipset and otherwise it unloads or just does nothing. The same thing is with "unsupported" by Apple ALC codecs like 889 - they require a binary patch to work.
  3. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Get andy's sysenter patcher and you will be able to run x86 apps in x64 mode.
  4. ALC889A AMD kext SL

    Get VoodooHDA 2.6.2
  5. ALC885 on nForce 680i

    BTW : 885 is 889a
  6. Mac OS X on AMD system

    You'll need Realtek1000 kext for Ethernet, probably VoodooHDA 2.6.2 for built-in audio and an EFI string for graphics.
  7. [HELP] Hackingtosh OSX on AMD 3000+

    I think that Athlon 3000+ doesn't support even SSE2, so you won't be able to install OS X. But to be sure, check it yourself using CPU-Z or Everest.
  8. Go buy a mac if you don't want OSx86.
  9. DSDT Patcher

    /Users/rafal/Desktop/dsdt_fixed.txt 3083: Method (WMAA, 3, NotSerialized) Warning 1087 - Not all control paths return a value ^ (WMAA) ASL Input: /Users/rafal/Desktop/dsdt_fixed.txt - 8226 lines, 270654 bytes, 2620 keywords AML Output: /Users/rafal/Desktop/./dsdt.aml - 27134 bytes, 793 named objects, 1827 executable opcodes Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 1 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 1089 Optimizations Any ideas how to fix it ? Only warning, but still...I've searched in Google, but there are no fixes for it. Also ACPI specification says nothing about it... My WMAA method looks like this: Method (WMAA, 3, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x00)) { If (LOr (LOr (LNotEqual (Arg1, 0x01), LNotEqual (Arg1, 0x02)), LNotEqual (Arg1, 0x06))) { CreateDWordField (Arg2, 0x00, WIID) } If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x01)) { Return (AM01 ()) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x02)) { Return (AM02 ()) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x03)) { Return (AM03 (WIID)) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x04)) { CreateDWordField (Arg2, 0x04, IVAL) Return (AM04 (WIID, IVAL)) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x05)) { Return (AM05 (WIID)) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x06)) { Return (AM06 ()) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x07)) { AM07 (Arg2) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x08)) { AM08 (WIID) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x09)) { Return (AM09 ()) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x0A)) { Return (AM10 (Arg2)) } Else { If (LEqual (Arg1, 0x0B)) { Return (AM11 ()) } } } } } } } } } } } }
  10. SATA for SB700 on Snow Leopard ?

    Can't you just set your SATA controller into AHCI mode ? My SB750 works with Snow Leopard without any additional kexts.
  11. Hi, could anyone post me the original "defaultBackground" file from Installer.app's resources ("/System/Library/CoreServices/Installer.app/Content/Resources/defaultBackground.png") ? I need original version, since I want to remove the ugly one that comes with Haazard's distro. Thanks
  12. iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition

    Since you have an AMD CPU, try booting with "idlehalt=0 maxmem=3072". I had similar problem (system freezed while idle or gave me random kernel panics) and this solved it
  13. Well, I have this mainboard, along with AMD Phenom II 810 x4, 6GB of RAM, GF 9800 GT, SATA DVD drive and SATA hard drive. I tried iDeneb 10.5.6 and iPC 10.5.6 (both with Voodoo 9.5 kernel, seatbelt fix and VIA/AMD etc. chipset drivers) and almost everything works fine except of integrated network card (Realtek 8111DL). I enabled "LAN Boot Rom" in BIOS and first, I tried official Realtek 8111DL drivers for OSX but it didn't work (system didn't see network card at all). Then I got drivers posted here : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=0&start=0 . It caused iDeneb to freeze on blue screen after booting if I booted up PC with network cable plugged in. Plugging in cable after booting didn't work, network settings showed that "Network cable is unplugged". Then I tried installing iPC. Realtek's official drivers also didn't work but the second one did... There was only one issue, I mean every time after turning on PC you have to boot into Leopard (with plugged in network cable), then it freezes just like iDeneb, but when you reboot you computer, everything works fine. Anyway it's pretty annoying. I'm going to try changing some more settings in BIOS and installing a bit older version of Leopard (10.5.5 etc.), maybe this will help. All in all, I think that this mainboard is pretty nice. You can simply buy some mac-compatible Wi-Fi adapter and everything will be okay.