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  1. As my sig says I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 release, then updated it with kaly's patches to 10.5.5 I didn't try the apple updater because it didn't work for some people, so I thought it would be safer to use the iDeneb upgrade pack... but I was wrong apparently.
  2. Well, I kinda have a backup, but mainly of the files I need. But let's not worry about that. I had 10.5.5 before the update, always has worked with vanilla kernel.
  3. Hi, I'm having problems getting the 10.5.7 upgrade to work. The machine stops in the Apple logo with the circle spinning but causes no kernel panic or visible error messages (except "can't load AppleIntelCPU kext"). I can boot to single-user mode with -s but what should I do? I tried copying the old kexts over the new ones but no change. scrshot is pretty bad, sorry.
  4. Dv6135nr and broadcom wireless card

    I have a HP dv9636eo and iwi3945abg, and at least my BIOS has a whitelisting system and needs a hacked BIOS, probably the same in the 6-series. At least I haven't found an easy fix, so I'm looking for a USB WLAN adapter that would work out of the box. Offtopic: Any ideas for a USB adapter?
  5. SOLVED Don't know the reason, but the update broke bluetooth PAN networking, and by removing all paired items and rebooting i got bluetooth functionality back. I had some trouble pairing my phone since it automatically added the PAN but got around this by pairing from phone to mac instead of pairing from mac to phone. Try this, hope it helps
  6. bumping + extra info, see scrshot.
  7. keyboard problems with < >

    Try the key left of the key 1 (§ and 1/2 on mine), that's where I get the symbols on my laptop keyboard. On external keyb they're where thy're supposed to.
  8. Has anybody seen a fix for integrated bluetooth adapters? The problem is that after updating to 10.5.3 all other devices which worked continued to work just fine, but the bluetooth module remains in the "off" mode according to the bt icon in the top right corner. If i disable it using the switch in my laptop the icon does change to "not connected" but when i turn it back on it shows "off". Any help would be appreciated
  9. ALC268 driver download?

    Hi all, if anybody has the ALC268 installer's latest version, could you upload it somewhere for download (or give a link), since taruga's pages are down? Thanks, //onik
  10. Hi all, newbie here. I have installed Kalyway 10.5.1 several times, and at best gotten to boot into the new system with easyBCD (dualboot with vista). But insted of the login screen, I get this "You need to reboot your computer blah blah blah" screen in 4 languages. I have booted with -v, -v -x, -v -x -f and -v -x -s -f but none of these help much. System.log seems to be ok. Any ideas? Oh yeah, tried also vanilla, same thing. All installs are MBR boots. ATT:system.log EDIT: nevermind, got vanilla installed by not installing NVInject or sound drivers. still gotta work on those though. systemlog.txt