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  1. installing and booting from FW HD

    Use Carbon Copy on external FW HD. Thats what I did, worked with no probs.
  2. You should have no problem doing CS stuff. As far as WoW goes, I use to play it on my powerbook...WoW runs natively on the new MBPs...so I am assuming they will be fast. If not better then most.
  3. RosettaMac bench

    I know this, I purchased a Macbook Pro 1.83GHZ, now comparing your results on 3GHZ+ x86 processors vs my lowly 1.83ghz coming soon. I can come to the conclusion that they will be slow compared to my current powerbook. Yes I know the difference between emulated and non emulated. I think you misunderstood what I was saying.
  4. RosettaMac bench

    doesnt look too good for mac on intel to be honest. i currently have a powerbook 1.33ghz w/ 1.25GB ram (1.83ghz macbook pro on the way) and its killing all you intel users...i hope buying the new macbook isnt a downgrade... current powerbook scores: 5224.4 w/ altivec 837.6 w/o altivec