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  1. Hello, what is the location of the log file I should provide for bug reporting. I'm using the tunnelblick app for vpn. I can connect with my mac laptop fine and get decent speeds, however on amd hackintosh, it barely connects and speeds are really slow, and when I attempt to disconnect from vpn, the hackintosh reboots.
  2. Are you able to get here with the USBInjectAll.kext only?
  3. Yes I tried all the different ports. On some ports, the mouse lights up and doesn't work, on the other ports it doesn't work at all. I was able to apply an old USB fix script and now this is what my system report looks like. Edit: I also want to point out that bluetooth is not working for me and I'm not sure why. https://imgur.com/a/LP078
  4. Hello, I need help with my install. I have a CrossHair Hero 6 and Ryzen 1800x, I use the ryzen pre install and post install folders. After a clean install, I can boot into os x and get to the setup screen but USB is not working so I can't use the mouse and keyboard to go any further. I'm using the clover folder provided and My kexts in clover other: Whatevergreen Voodooed a USBInjectAll System.kext NullCPUManagement Lilu FakeSMC I'm confused if I'm supposed to use the USB fix script for not or the genericusb kexts or whether it's supposed to work with no USB kexts modifications.
  5. Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Have you gotten sound working? I installed Voodoo but I get choppy and crackled sound. Can you link to specifically which Kernel you are using?
  6. Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Hi All, I have a successful build with the AMD Ryzen 1800X, Asus CrossHair Here VI and AMD RX580. However, the computer randomly reboots every 5-15 mins. Does anyone else faces the same issue?