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  1. Grey Screen of Death

    i am having the same issue... how did you get someone to even help you in this forum?!
  2. help!

    nobody has given a response to this at all? does noone really know?
  3. help!

    I am having trouble with installing OSX on my friends laptop. he has the HP dv6448se. the computer itself is using AMD turion 64 x2 which uses sse3.. i ran it with -x -v platform=x86pc/acpi the problem is this... i am able to get all the way through installing kalway 10.5.2 but when it reboots i get a black screen of options. so after this i decided to try zephyros 10.5.2 AMD and was able to get to the reboot as well but all i got was the gray screen with the stop sign error through the apple. does any1 know how to get past this and reboot into mac...?
  4. nice website .. the list it uses is fairly limited tho. thanks tho.
  5. new type of computer?

    well hopefully memresistors will change everything. but the laptop with the 6ghz was presumably a hoax. nothing came of it after it appeared at CES and the website is s***.
  6. yea i am looking about how to become an OEM partner.. does anyone know on how to go about becoming one for companies such as corsair or seagate?
  7. so if i bought cheap newegg generic keyboards and slapped a logo on them it should be ok legally?
  8. by slapping their logo on generic parts does that not violate any laws?
  9. where do companies get their keyboards and cases when they are startups... a computer start up with no factory .. how would their get their own ?
  10. i am starting a new computer company which assembles and sells computers... suggestions on names.. coersa conersa covesra nanyx artis eidos PAX verve NIllIN NIllINU....nillinu VilliV Eonx noivx qwerty quax aroe zecor " " ....... computers.
  11. new type of computer?

    well put it into perspective of the gaming industry.... we got faster and faster and at what point is fast enough.... then nintendo said wait a second something is wrong.. lets rethink this. so they started over... and while they are not the most powerful machine.. wiis are something completely different . i question myself by even suguesting simply removing something would solve our problem. i dare someone to think outside the box . forget everything we know and think again of a solution. i am starting a local computer store . we will be assembling pcs and offering. XP mac and vista installs on PC hardware. anyone have some brand name ideas.... im looking for something memorable like DELL.. apple... google.
  12. so i was sitting around thinking. we keep getting faster speeds and all. but nothing is really different. why can we not have a computer that bypasses RAM and directly accesses the HD.. or since that would be too slow. could we not have a computer run entirely off of RAM.. non volatile RAM.. I realize it would be small but is not most of the OS now bloated {censored}.... and since it would have to be non volatile then imagine the boot speeds. why can we not change our approach instead of speed focus on simplicity. Do we really need 1TB HD... or a OS this bloated. what do you all think ?