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    Clover General discussion

    @Slice Bravo! Clover Version 3791 fixed the sleep issues (instant wake from sleep on a GA Z97XUD5H, which could be fixed with a dsdt patch). This patch (removing method (_prw from usb audio and lan devices)is not needed anymore. Thanks
  2. Hi d00d, great that you found the solution to your problem. I have had sleep problems with kozleks older hardwaremonitor LPCSensors.kext. Version 6.0.987 works well and there are no sleep issues with this kext. I also realized that my system needs about 10-15 seconds to go to sleep with Mavericks.
  3. 10.8.5 and 10.9 After installing you will realize that your temps are going up about 10 C. This is caused by AppelLPC.kext which will not load with the old injection method in Device PX40 (or if you renamed it Device LPCB). You can check this in Terminal: kextstat | grep LPC should output: com.apple.driver.AppleLPC (1.6.3) we can fix this easily with injection of the same device id as ioname, name or compatible. So whatever OSX is looking for to load the kext has the right device id. Change your code to the following: Device (PX40) { Name (_ADR, 0x001F0000) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x0C) { "device-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x18, 0x3A, 0x00, 0x00 }, "compatible", Buffer (0x0D) { "pci8086,3a18" }, "IOName", Buffer (0x0D) { "pci8086,3a18" }, "name", Buffer (0x0D) { "pci8086,3a18" }, "subsystem-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x70, 0x72, 0x00, 0x00 }, "subsystem-vendor-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x86, 0x80, 0x00, 0x00 } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } You will also realize that the old DSDT injection method for your Atheros 9285 Wifi card will not work anymore. you can fix that the same way. Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x12) { "AAPL,slot-name", Buffer (0x08) { "AirPort" }, "device-id", Unicode ("*"), "device_type", Buffer (0x08) { "AirPort" }, "model", Buffer (0x33) { "Atheros 9285 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter" }, "subsystem-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x8F, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "subsystem-vendor-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x6B, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00 }, "compatible", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" }, "IOName", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" }, "name", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } Credit goes to oldnapalm and nyolc8 for the tips. Added 10/11/13: The injection for the atheros wifi pci card needs to be injected into the device, where the card is located, respectively your pci bus. If you installed the card in the upper slot its Device Pex0 (do not inject the code into device PX40 or LPCB). Device (PEX0) { Name (_ADR, 0x001C0000) Device (ARPT) { Name (_ADR, Zero) Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) { 0x0B, 0x05 }) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x12) { "AAPL,slot-name", Buffer (0x08) { "AirPort" }, "device-id", Unicode ("*"), "device_type", Buffer (0x08) { "AirPort" }, "model", Buffer (0x33) { "Atheros 9285 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network Adapter" }, "subsystem-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x8F, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, "subsystem-vendor-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x6B, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00 }, "compatible", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" }, "IOName", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" }, "name", Buffer (0x0B) { "pci168c,2a" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } //...... Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized)
  4. aschar1

    XPC General discussion

    there are other ways to contribute than at insanelymac.com. Many guys know me for years as admin of various irc channels. My nick is aschar. I am also staff at projectosx.com and admin in iphonetoms irc channels.
  5. aschar1

    XPC General discussion

    iFire ???? Never heard of you or seen anything that you contributed. Before posting you should read. If you are related with insanelymac.com you should be concerned with legal issues and take it for granted that i am authorized by Iphonetom. Nice to hear from you theconnactic and you are right we need alternatives and devs (meklort and cosmo1) just left the chameleon team. There are not many left.
  6. aschar1

    XPC General discussion

    Its a decision of the developper Iphonetom and you either respect it or troll yourself and just boot something else. He has his reasons. Other used his code and rebranded it in the past. There is chameleon and clover as an alternative you can use without registering. And we dont need support!!! It would be nice if some guys try out XPC since its such a great tool and perhaps the only at the moment that can perform a reinstall from recovery console without modding anything. Just like a real mac. Or boot ESDInstall.dmg without restoring. He should have at least mentioned where he got his information from and gave proper credits. But that is missing in this scene (fe Tonymac the rebrander) and many talented developers are leaving exactly because of this. You all should rethink your attitude and be grateful to the devs that use their spare time to make your hacks run better or install more easily.
  7. aschar1

    XPC General discussion

    Dear Alex009988, 1. its simply illegal to just copy webpages and publish it in other places without permission of the author. 2. Your thread gives other users the impression that you are involved with the xpc project and you are not in any way. XPC is exclusively by Iphonetom. You didnt even mention Iphonetom. Its such a bad attitude and not tolerable. I assume you apologize publicly to Iphonetom and clear things up within a short notice of 3 days. To all others, you are welcome to join us in testing xpc. The official forum and info is at http://iphonetom.no-ip.org/phpbb/ and you can get help at irc channel: xpc-boot at Server: irc.ext3.net Hope to see lots of you in our irc channel soon. We need more testers.
  8. RTL81xx is just a very bad modification of chuckos kext. I wouldnt use anything from afollow disciple of tonymac who just renames stuff like chameleon with out a single bit of own code. Tony usually just takes the trunk modifications and puts them into his chimera branch. Only use 1 injection method either DSDT, EFI String, Injector.kext or Bootloader Injection if you use my dsdt mods you need to remove your efi string for ethernet. Since you have the same mobo i can upload my extra folder for you. I dont understand teh usb3.0 kext your mobo doesnt have any usb3.0 ports
  9. Daxure, https://dl.dropbox.c...daxure_dsdt.zip I added device Lan0 to Device Pex4 and Device Lan1 to Device Pex5 in your dsdt. Remove EthernetBuiltIn=yes Flag from your org.chamleon.boot.plist. With these edits your Ethernet Adapter should be seen as en0 and en1 and Appstore icloud etc should work with no problems. If not you need to redo your networks settings. Remove all network adapters from network settings in system settings and click apply. Then go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete NetworkInterfaces.plist and com.apple.network.identification.plist. OptionaI you can give your mac a new name in system settings sharing settings. Then reboot and add your network adapters back. I would also change the Ethernet kext to the RealtekR1000SL by chucko that works at my GA EX58 UD5 without issues.
  10. 1. For Mountain Lion you could use the following files to properly fix alc889a using layoutid 12 a. attached legacy889a.kext for injecting info.plist of AppleHardwareConfigDriver.kext install in E/E or S/L/E b. layout12.xml.zlib and platforms.xml.zlib - these 2 files need to be replaced in /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/Resources 2. If you are using Lion you need to replace in teh saem folder the uncompressed Layout12.xml and Platforms.xml which are also attached 3. I attach Revogirls script for compressing and uncompressing the zlib files for users of other codecs. Usage of the zlib.pl script: (copy the zlib.pl script into the folder where teh file you want to modify is and then cd to that folder (in terminal type cd and drag the folder into the terminal window and press Enter) a. inflate (decompress) a file with (examples: perl zlib.pl inflate layout12.xml.zlib > layout12.xml b. deflate (compress) a file with: perl zlib.pl deflate layout12.xml > layout12.xml.zlib 4. !!!! Nvidia Injection with dsdt or efi string in Mountain Lion needs a small correction. Ohterwise you will get a black screen. In your dsdt or info.plist search for NVDA, GeForce and replace it with NVDA, Parent ALC889a_Files.zip ALC889a_Files.zip zlib.pl.zip
  11. This is definitvely no mountain lion applehda.kext since apple uses zlib compression for the xml files since mountain lion dp3
  12. James Litter -for 10.7.4 you could take the appleHDA.kext i posted above #1345 for 10.7.3 and just replace info.plist in /AppleHDA.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/ and layout12.xml and Platforms.xml in /AppleHDA.kext/Contents/Resources/. The kext uses layoutid 12. Repair Permissions and delete caches in Terminal: sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/* Reboot and enjoy Sound
  13. aschar1

    ML DP3 Problems: HDA, Nvdia

    applehda for alc889a http://dl.dropbox.co...dp3_alc889a.zip (it uses layoutid12- 0x0c) (you need to uncompress the zlib in ressources folder to xml - modd them -and compress them again) my gtx275 works just fine in dp3 - i modded applegraphicspowermangement.kext (device id)
  14. by request of some users download links for applehda alc889a (Mediafire deleted my former links). Both use layoutid 12 (0x0c) in your dsdt HDEF patch. Addded one for ML DP3 http://dl.dropbox.co...dp3_alc889a.zip applehda_10.6.8_alc889a.zip applehda10.7.3_alc889a.zip
  15. Kakewalk 4.0 is a joke. You just pirated the myhack 2.0 beta which Conti published at IRC. Binairies are the same. How dare you collect Donations on your site with steeling the code from others. Just another copy of Tonymac who did this in the past. Shame on you