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  1. I've been using a P5Q setup, with xp, win7 and osx. I use step 11, method #3. I think that was the only one at that time (?!) That means I have a tiny partition on my hd, with the bootmenu. My problem is that sometimes (I don't know why) the bootpartition doesn't work. I have to make my xp partition active with a live-cd or gparted-cd, then boot xp and do the "syslinux.exe - d:", then make the bootpartition active again, and everything is ok. How can I prevent that my bootpartition gets changed?? Or how can I do the "syslinux.exe"-part from a linux live-cd? Linux have such unfamiliar "directorynames.." / structure.. I hope someone will make a 10.5.x -> 10.6 update guide As someone mentioned, cloning the hdd is probably a good idea to keep things running along. A lot of work making everything from scratch again. What sw to use that handles both fat32, ntfs, and hfs+??
  2. When I installed iDeneb, I deselected almost everything from the installing. I added drivers later. I choosed the default kernel. Afterward, or you can try first, to boot with parameter -x -v... safe mode and display text instead of logo...
  3. Guess it is not very likely, but is there any software for controlling the chassis fan speed when using osx?? (P5Q) (Which is exellent handled by xp)
  4. Not gone for the retail change yet, but if I create a 1gb FAT32 and installs the BOOT 132 as stated in step 11, will I still reach my boot-menu to access xp and w7 on my now tripleboot-system with vista (w7) bootmenu, or will OSX be the only working os since there are no more entries ?
  5. Sure it is spinning ?? Try booting with option -x (and -v) (both) Have you flashed the BIOS? Have you tried verifying and repairing disk permission? (I saw it in a post, don't actually know if it's needed. I did) But it looked like to me as installing nvidia kexts was what I needed to boot without -x. I installed nvidia kexts while in safemode (-x).
  6. I also had difficulties with this small FAT32 partition. So I ended up installing without it. Hopeing for a solution a long the path.. What possibly made my problems was that I maybe had the usb-stick inserted in a port and the pc tried to boot from it.. Anyway I continued without just to see if things would work. There are tools to make this partition afterward I believe, although I don't think it is a good solution. I had an old Belkin pci network card, just put it in, and it worked right out of the box! Now my P5Q is online
  7. Triple boot: More or less as RoberT_Xes says.. Installed XP first (used IDE settings in Bios, later did a change to XP I found on the net, and set it to AHCI. (because my xp don't have any support for this ahci, can be slipstreamed i guess) Installed iDeneb. Darwin gave me options to choose xp or osx. Installed W7. W7 or vista bootloader gave me xp or w7 to choose from. Used easybcd to add osx. Vista loader let me choose from xp, osx and w7. When choosing osx, I get into darwin, and must choose between the three again. But I don't mind. Time out works as before.. Too bad there's no LAN fix for the Atheros.. Booting from USB.. it won't overide vista boot loader?? Or will it, but only when it's in there?
  8. This far I have managed to get iDeneb work and I guess the nvidia-"drivers" work since I now get the system profiler report nvidia and can choose various display resolutions About LAN / ethernet. I believe I found a post on this forum or somewhere by googling that had a solution, but I cannot find it now as I need it... Anyone? Next in line is to make the retail image... Don't know if that will make a conflict with the boot menu? I now have xp, osx and windows-7 on a triple booting solution.
  9. GUID or MBR if you consider more than one OS? (multiboot)
  10. Just got a new P5Q and will soon try this mac-stuff. What changes is made to the BIOS? Will this changes have any influence under windows? Since Windows7 now is available to everyone I wanted to try to get it working with dual boot.
  11. I made it work Vanilla Kernel 9.2.2 . The whole OS x on a external USB drive. Asus P5E Intel Q6600 2 GB ram Nvidia 9600gt Soundblaster X-fi Not made all the other stuff work by installing "drivers" yet.. Maybe wrong forum, but anyone got a good advice for a firewall? And, can you control the CPU fan speed with any software? I have Intel Speed Step enabled in Bios. But CPU-fan Speed at full trottle is loud..!
  12. What's the BIOS setting you use? I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on a usb hdd, and chain bootselector. It installs fine. It boots, but after a while it stops. Maybe it is something with the network adapter driver. Not sure. But the text on the screen is about network at the time, it seems.. I installed vanilla kernel 9.2.0 and nvidia (since I have a 9600gt). I also have q6600 and x-fi soundcard.
  13. Leo4All 10.5.2 installed fine and seems to work fine too..
  14. Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on Asus P5VD1-x with an Intel D805 and a geforce6800. Install went fine, took a very long time though, but when booting on it's own, it's no success. The computer restarts almost instantly after the boot-meny [F8], if I choose safe mode, it takes a bit longer, the screen is filled with what is done, but suddenly, instant restart. There is not enought time to see any message telling what's going wrong.