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  1. i used the Kalyway 10.5.2 Distribution. It hsa the best Compatibility for my Inspiron 9400 till today. Still got that graphic stuttering bug - that leads to a sleep-awake-phase. What brings me than to an disabled earphone-jack. It'S a real vicious circle. But we go on. And then...Apple is releasing an official MacOSX for PC.
  2. wow! That is awesome. what did you tell them?!? A new laptop,that would be extreme awesomisation!
  3. Hey Guys, No there we are. 10.5.3 is just released. My Question now: Is it possible for me to upgrade? Have got an darwin 9.2.2-Kernel. The rest of my system iss in the signature. Thanks for any help!
  4. Sure I did. But I found nothing about Display Sleep. Normal (System)Sleep and Hibernation is functional - but no display sleep...
  5. Hey Guys, i got a very annoying problem with my dell display. my system is awesomely recognized from hte kalyway 10.5.2 Installation. But there iss THIS little thing that iss pretty,pretty annoying for me: I set up my exposé: Top right corner > display sleep. After this I move the mouse in the top right corner and the display will go to sleep (not the system). But at this moment it's done. My system don't care if I move the mouse or press any key - it will not reactivate my display. If I go to sleep mode (lidclose) the system hibernate. after reopenig the lid the display is back online. That is a quite big problem if your about to convert HD-AVCHD. That action takes hardcore about 6-8 hours. So while my dellintosh is doing that, i could really safe energy while getting my display-screen in sleepmode. But if it don't awake after moving the mouse I got no chance to check if the conversion is done yet. And when i then go to sleep - the conversion broke up. That iss "$=)(%§%. Thanks for the help guys. oh, and sorry for my english - i just arrived here in california a month ago.
  6. Same Problem here. My Inspiron 9400 ethernet-connection broke up after 15-30 minutes. I have tested all attachments in this thread...that iss so anti-awesome. Especially cause my Dell Wirless 1490 PCI-Card is not yet there... Iss there anyone who can help us!? Thank you VERY MUCH People!
  7. emefka

    leopard drops wired ethernet connection

    i got the same issue too. Loose connection aber a little network-load. DonÄt know whats the matter...in winXP it works awesome.
  8. emefka

    Broadcom BCM4401-B0 Drivers?

    i got the exact same Problem. But i'm running a Dell Inspiron 9400 with an Broadcom 440x Integrated Controller. Thanks for ANY help!