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  1. Installing XCode2 solved it for me.
  2. 10.4.3 on an IBM T42. cons: Brightness doesn't adjust autmatically sleep doesn't turn off the monitor sometimes the windows tear, but switching to "better performance" somehow reduces it. The terminal doesn't start bash like I want it to. Battery life is limited compared to XP Build in wireless doesn't work uninstalling programs is a right pain in the arse! none of my TV cards work, terratac Cinergy 400 PCI and ADS instant TV USB 2.0. pros: OS X runs perfect iLife 06 runs perfect FrontRow runs perfect, but still won't play Xvid/DivX movies.. iTunes runs perfect 99% of the time, the last 1% it is a bit choppy, startup is awesome - MUCH faster than XP
  3. iDVD HD - iPhoto 6

    They work on my 10.4.3 - so why not?
  4. How to write '@' ?

    Klapi: Nope no-go ALT+Ø (and ALTGR+Ø) calmesal: My IBM laptop does not have a windows key.. cdfs: I'll try ukulele.
  5. Reduce the depth to 24 - this will reduce the problem, but not completely remove it. I'm also on a T42 with the same issues. Did you get the wireless to work? And the volume keys?
  6. System preferences

    MacSpaces: I replaced the BezelServices.loginPlugin and the Bezel (A). Try searching the forum someon attached the files you need to restore.
  7. System preferences

    Ok fixed the mouse/keyboard, the sound and the security panes. FrontRow had been messing with bezel. But Aticcelerator still doesn't work.
  8. System preferences

    Just an update: Theese are the panes that are no longer woring (they used to!!) Security Keyboard and Mouse Sound ATIccelerator II The rest is working just fine. I recently installed Xcode2, not sure if this has f***ed up my panes or not? It added a "Processor" pane - but this works just fine. (as does Xcode2!)
  9. How to write '@' ?

    Adazp: I don't think you understand me. The keyboard layout is fine (as I stated it's Danish - which it should be). The problem is that the ALTGR doesn't work like normal. All the special caracters on the 1-2-3...0 keys are not accessible due to the fact that ALTGR doesn't "work".. Segr3do: Same problem - apart from the fact that my T42 doesn't have a windows key..
  10. System preferences

    Hagar: I do not have an "open with rosetta".. Install is a 10.4.3 with JAs patches.
  11. System preferences

    How do I do that? (run it under rosetta)
  12. System preferences

    *bump* no one?
  13. Overclocking the Radeon 9700 in osX?

    Kday: have you tried to measure the temps on the ram and the GPU? Aitccelerator installed, but I cannot launch the aticcelerator pane
  14. System preferences

    After I installed IO802... to make my wireless working, some of the panes in System preferences are no longer working.. What has happened? I just installed Aticcelerator - and it also refuses to show.. please help..
  15. How to write '@' ?

    Andazp: Can you explain? I have the Danish layout as my keyboard..