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  1. Finally: PCEFI V9 released today

    Same here... with Chameleon, and Efi 9... Im verbose i can't see anything about dsdt.aml loading, if i put the Cpupower kext, i got a KP. I have a Pentium D 925, my chipset is a Intel 945.
  2. Finally: PCEFI V9 released today

    Hey people, a little help here... I've changed manually the boot file in usr|standalone|i386 with the EFI9 boot file, everything is working here, just like the old efi8 boot file... my method is right? I can't remember how to install the pcefi, long time using the efi8 and i forget how to make it...
  3. R.I.P Prawker

    {censored}... horrible news. In the past i talk a little with him in IRC, great person.... Well, rest brother, now all the sour has gone... God bless you and your family.
  4. PCSX2 on Mac ?

    Zedr0n, amazing work!!!!!! Congratz for your job, and congratz for everybody envolved on this!!!
  5. Mac Pro Overclock Utility

    Yep, i try everything new... GeekBench, Xbench, CoreTemp... well, let's see...Mac native programs, they all read the hardware, just like any OC program, and guess what? They works... Stay atonished, this is OsX86, not windows, or a real Mac, so, we need to test all the new {censored}, it's funny, if this program works in the Hacks, probally you'll say: "Great, it works flawless!!!" or "Thanx a lot dudes, for testing it!!!" Don't be a noob dude, course we need to try, we don't have a Hackintosh OC native program...
  6. Hey guys, just one question.... The 132 works on non vanilla system, or i need a hacked kernel too? I don't have a vanilla system, it boots ok, but i take a black screen after the initrd load the kexts, i've made a quick test here, i need to put the dsmos in the initrd yet, probally tomorrow i'll. Thanx for this how to f41qu3, and Gu3d3s for the help and uploads.
  7. 10.5.4 Released

    Yep cabron, useless... I've using a 5.4 update from the Bay, or Demon, i can't remember, for a while..., Build 9E6. If possible, someone confirm the build version, plz. PS: Probally a diferent Build, this one have a new kernel, the one that in using here, don't have... Let's see what happen here....
  8. Mac Pro Overclock Utility

    Don't work in my hack, unsupported computer....
  9. Don't work here, alc883... When i restart, i miss the sound, i repair the permissions, take off alcinject, clean the cache, and nothing. Strange... in my Leo Test partition is working fine, but not in my principal Os, i've made the same process on both.
  10. Is it possible to use Kalyway on an iMac?

    No, Kaly works only in hacks. Any distribuiton of osx86 only works on hacks, you need a original leo dvd to upgrade.
  11. OSx86 Library

    Congratz, amazing work!!! Added to my favourites!
  12. OSX86 Search Engine

    Good work dude!