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  1. Thanks. I'm currently downloading Xcode. I have experience with SVN, linux, etc. Just never messed with mac software before, so I didn't know really how things were done there. Thanks for the topic and help. Jalavoui, I just want to say thanks for devoting the time to this project. I installed OSX on my compaq the other day and was really excited with the results. The only thing that wasn't working was the 3945abg card. Hopefully soon it'll be fully functional.
  2. Hey Guys. I just started using OSx86 on my laptop and I have the intel 3945abg card. I'm really really excited to hear about this project, but I have no idea how to get or use these drivers. I heard that they are on svn some where, but I'm not familiar with OSX. If it wouldn't bother you guys too much, could you point me somewhere that will help me figure out how to begin testing this driver along with you guys? If it's posted in this topic somewhere, go ahead and curse at me if you must, but also include the post number or something. Thanks
  3. How hard is it to change the wireless card in a laptop. I have a compaq presario c307nr and it has the Intel Wireless Pro 3945ABG card, or at least something similar, and doesn't work.