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  1. No one? Seems related to the Leopard Graphics Update. I reinstalled from scratch, and have been fine for over a week. Now, I got the option to install th Leo graphics update, do it, and same symptons. Only external display will work. Any way to uninstall this piece of trash?
  2. So i was doing a bunch of work today and plugged my dell FP2005W 20" LCD to the VGA port on my Lat D620 with GMA950 that has been fantastic with 10.5.2 kalayway. Everything is fine, switch to 1680x1050, humming along. Time to go out to lunch, goto bring the laptop with me... it won't use the built in screen. I can Fn-F8 and get a garbled display on the internal LCD, reboot... just black screen after the Apple gray loading screen. I plug in the VGA cable and sure enough theres my desktop on the external monitor. What can I do to get the display back working on the internal LCD? Thanks!
  3. Well I was at MicroCenter today trying to find a USB WiFi adapter that would work with my Kalayway 10.5.2 install on a Dell Lat D620. I found one that said it supported Mac OS, and it was only $40 so I figured I'd give it a shot. Well I get it home, open it up and read the manual. Says its only supports 10.3.9 and 10.4.x. Shucks, well its worth a shot right? So I install the software, I get a new ethernet adapter showing up in the Network panel, but not Airport, just a wired ethernet. I look and it installed a Control Panel program of its own, that does not detect the device unfortunately. So if anyone has any ideas on what to do, great, otherwise I'm going to just return it and wait till my 1390 card gets here this week. I just got impatient to replace the Intel WiFi card in my laptop so I could get on the net with it. Anyways, suggestions and info before Wednesday (the next time I'll be in the area to return it) would be mucho appreciado!