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  1. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    osx doesnt detect the resolution..the max resolution i get is 1024x768..
  2. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    i have an ATI 3650hd mobility 512mb on my Lenovo...albeit its with an Intel processor. let me know if i can be of any help
  3. check out that link in my previous post...with leo4all v4.1..it helps in detecting the sata drives..then the rest depends on what package u choose to install/inject..so far everything except my graphics chipset is detected..so i cannot run osx at the sharpest resolution..
  4. well you are in for some good news...since you have a dedicated video memory.. i have the same configuration except with a shared memory video chipset so my mac installation doesnt detect the monitor and its resolution apparently it works fine on a laptop with dedicated memory for video.. there is a thread somewhere that has some files which you have to inject into you the leov3 dvd image and then burn it...it should be in the leov3 release thread...lemme see if i can pin point it for you... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...3364&st=120 post #131
  5. hey pnkt! can do a tutorial on this? i am in a situation like yours, i have a laptop with nforce+sata+amd combo and its really the worst combo ever for osx86 installation. I have an external usb connector for the sata drive, and i can install ideneb on that, but how do i put that install back into my laptop and have a dual boot?
  6. hey aky! damn thats good news..i waited for that GUI install screen on leo4all 4.1 (amd edition) for like an hour..then got impatient and tossed in an ideneb dvd...LOL lemme give leo4all one more shot...also I tried using the second HDD on a USB cable, installed ideneb on it, but then I dont remember how to mount it and move on to the next step..and then i guess I have to put the HDD in and make it active somehow..sigh..lemme give this one more shot..
  7. obviously i am new to this community and a noob in the world of hackintosh, but reading the forums i know that AMD + dual SATA Drives + NForce combo is one of the worst hurdles in installing Leopard. I can get Kalyway 10.5.2 to install on a usb drive, but it doesnt show up my hard drive partitions. I have tried other install dvds (iatkos r2, iatkos r2 patched to r3, zephyroth, leo4all v2 and v3..phew) but they all get stuck at either "still waiting for root device" or "jettisoning the kernel"..kalyway is the only one that let me as far as get to see my usb in the disk utility window and install...rest all ge stuck in the intial verbose mode.. i tried -v -x flags, but still no use... i already have vista installed..i created an 8gb partition in the 1st drive.. i know someone got this to work on a dv9000 laptop, but i guess it was an intel based... what could i have noobed?