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  1. WoW vs. Graphics Cards

    Folks, I'm trying to decide if I should continue to use my Hack with a nVidia 470GTX, or replace it with a ATI5870. Which one is better for the only game that I play, WoW? I'm running most for of the "Good" settings, with Environment and Visual Distance on High; Shadows and Liquid on Low; and Sun Shafts off === for the most part performance is good (60FPS=vsync). But would it be better on the 5870? [system specs in sig] I also ask this as I might pull the trigger on getting a Mac Pro 6core 3.33GHz with the 5870 as well - I'm just nervous about spending upwards of $4000 (US) on a computer.
  2. I bought the $149 edition in the box, iLife, iWork, and SL. Haven't got to upgrade this system yet for SL, looking to do that in the next few days. As for the comments related to Apple, indeed Apple does need the support and we show any commerical company support by sending our purchase dollars in their direction. Or simply stated, if we don't spend money to support the companys we trust, then who will? the other guy? And I've commented to Apple on several ocassions that when they have a computer system that isn't an ultra-expensive Xeon, and not a all-in-one consumer box -- but one with a high power descrite GPU, room for 2 HDDs, a single optical, and fits nicely on my desk -- I'll buy two the first day -- yeah like the one I built <grin>
  3. 10.5.7 Released

    Installed update on both systems. Update on real Mac - Easy as Pie - slot reporting issue even fixed (now lists slots as PCIe 2.0 correctly) Framerates on ATI R 4870 up about 5-10% (hard to say for sure, WoW is my only real world gauge, and it can be real dependent on user activity, but I usually pay at the same time of day everyday - read -off-peak- ) Update on Hack - Not quite as easy, install went fine, system still listed a MacPro3,1, I do see the one MacPro specific kext complain, though in 5 reboots, no Kernel Panics. Had to patch AppleHDA to get my audio working again, no biggie. And a quick run of WoW on this machine also seems to feel faster - but not as much of an improvement then it was on the Mac Pro. Alas, I am decommissioning my Hack - thanks to the great group of folk here, you've made another happy Apple customer.
  4. Raid 10 Question

    Yes, in the event that your OS install is "lost", the array information is actually written on the drives in the raid. You can witness this bit of goodness by creating the RAID and booting off an OS DVD. I just wish WD would fix/move the connectors on the VelociRaptor drives to be standard like the rest of the 3.5" HDDs. A RAID-10 of those -- awesome.
  5. So I'll add my experience. I just rebuilt my system - Raptors! in Raid-0 oh yeah. Anyway... I wanted to do it 'right' this time. A pure vanilla install, with required extensions in a separate folder. So, I did some experimenting with the Chameleon 2.0 RC1 - this is a VERY nice upgrade. This is what I have now, 2 SATA drives, Apple RAID-0. No other OS or partitions. I do keep a USB HDD handy for install and recovery booting with a very basic 10.5 install. My boot files live on the "diskXs3" aka "Boot OSX" partitions - leaving the EFI hidden partitions alone. So the install... (insert standard boot retail, disk utility to create Raid-0, install) (download and extract Chameleon 2.0 RC1 [not the installer, the tar file], chdir to the boot files directory ) [ I will assume here that my disks are "disk0" and "disk1", your drives many be different ] a. fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0 b. dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s3 c. diskutil mount disk0s3 d. cp boot /Boot\ OSX e. copy -Rp ~/Download/Chameleon2rc1/Extra /Boot\ OSX/ f. diskutil unmount disk0s3 g. fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk1 h. dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk1s3 i. diskutil mount disk1s3 j. copy boot /Boot\ OSX k. copy -Rp ~/Download/Chameleon2rc1/Extra /Boot\ OSX/ l. diskutil unmount disk1s3 m. update /Library/Preferences//SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist 1. **HIGHLY IMPORTANT** Include Kernel Flags in the com.apple.Boot.plist file for "boot-uuid=<uuid of your raid disk>" without that ... the stage 3 boot (apple's) will NOT find your root drive and fail to start Mac OS X. 2. Also, this is a good time to put in your device-property EFI strings. n. ** customize boot ** 1. remount "Boot OSX" -- diskutil mount disk0s3 2. Put needed extentions in /Boot OS X/Extra/Extentions 3. Customize the /Boot\ OSX/Extra/smbios.plist <-- this by FAR is the most sweet feature, next to the GUI, of Chameleon. 4. build kextcache for those: kextcache -a i386 -m /Boot\ OSX/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Boot\ OSX/Extra/Extensions 5. unmount "Boot OSX" -- diskutil unmount disk0s3 6. (repeat for disk1) My system needed: drw-r--r--@ 3 _unknown _unknown 102 Jun 30 2008 IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext drw-r--r--@ 4 _unknown _unknown 136 Jan 28 16:11 JMicronATA.kext drw-r--r--@ 3 _unknown _unknown 102 Sep 19 2008 OpenHaltRestart.kext drw-r--r--@ 3 _unknown _unknown 102 Jan 20 13:12 dsmos.kext in the /Boot OSX/Extra/Extension but needed: drwxr-xr-x@ 3 root wheel 102 Sep 18 2008 RealtekR1000.kext drwxr-xr-x@ 3 root wheel 102 Dec 23 05:01 AppleHDA.kext RealtekR1000 for the Ethernet Port -- need Bonjour to work for my HP network printer. and a fixed up version of AppleHDA for proper sound. And once your are all set putting Kexts in the right places, touch /System/Library/Extensions/ on your new install, and if you change the /Extras/Extensions, you'll need to manual update both disks and the kextcache using the command above. Hope that help some folks. Good Luck.
  6. Cores vs. Ghz

    This is the best explanation that I have come up with, and it is from looking at (far to many) benchmarks for single and multi-threaded tasks. Clock speed of the CPU combined with memory burst rate will directly correlate to how fast your system is "under the mouse" - that is to say, how fast will the menus, dock, desktop, and so on, will respond to your input, render web pages, -- basically interactive response times. Number of cores will correlate to how fast you can do larger jobs (that are multi-threaded and multi-core 'ready') - for example, converting your video from one format to another; say DVD -> H.264 Currently, most games will work hard a single-core -- Mac OS X helps some with a multi-threaded GL engine -- some more recent games are multi-threaded. So in order to make a "best for you" decision; you'll need to decide whether "under the mouse" or the overall system performance is more important. OR, and as many of us have done, built a Quad Core system, Overclock to 4GHz, and forget about it. Suggestions: * Everyday web surfing machine, with some simple photo and web work, faster dual core machine * Hard core video encoding, compression, more cores. * Gaming -- BOTH! As many super fast cores as possible.
  7. World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    Dia, looks more and more like a hardware or compatibility issue with the hardware and Mac OS X. My hardware upgrades went smashingly well -- bumped even the busy city clusters to 50+fps.
  8. Cinebench Benchmark Results Thread

    CINEBENCH R10 **************************************************** Tester : Processor : Intel Q9650 MHz : 3.78GHz Number of CPUs : 4 Operating System : OS X 32 BIT 10.5.6 Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ OpenGL Engine Resolution : 1680x1050 Color Depth : <fill this out> **************************************************** Rendering (Single CPU): 4375 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 14981 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.42 Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 8326 CB-GFX ****************************************************
  9. why did you make a hackintosh?

    This is an older thread -- but worth adding to. I was prepared to buy the new Mac Pro (2009) with a single proc (2.9GHz), base memory, ATI 4870, base HDD - about $2950 with my corp discount. But, as I was ready to hit checkout, An RSS update happened, pointing me to a thread with the latest Cinebench tests. My previous processor (Intel E6850 @ 3.6GHz and Video 8800GTS w/640Mb) scored faster then the "biggest" iMac and about the same as a single proc 2.8GHz 2008 Mac Pro. Now with the latest benchmarks, I was able to see that the price increase and the lack of real performance gains with the new Mac Pro made the real Mac unattractive to buy. Cinebench Examples: Mac Pro 2009 @ 2.9GHz Quad -- Single: 4037, Multi: 15182 Mac Pro 2009 @ 2.6GHz Quad -- Single: 3572, Multi: 14753 My Results [see signature for system details] HackPro @ 3.78GHz -- Single 4376, Multi: 14998 Cost of System: [all in US Dollars] Processor : $325 System Board : $120 [purchased mid 2008] Video : $194 Memory : $67 P/S (650w) : $129 [purchased mid 2008] Case : $79 [purchased mid 2008] DVD/RW[PATA]: $30 [purchased mid 2008] 2 * 250G WD2500AA : $54 (each) Mac OS X Box: $150 Total: $1202 Compare that with $2950 - a savings of $1748 Running Mac OS X on a system I built --- always priceless!
  10. World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    Sorry, Engineer speak for - "It appears that you have a processor that does not support SSE3." But, that is not the case - a T2xxx CPU does support SSE3 - I looked up your laptop model. On first glance the error appeared to be related to a SSE3 instruction that was rejected... But after re-examining the crash report -- and the fact that your system should be running nearly vanilla -- I'm taking a different angle, since the error is in a common library for WoW - it would probably be a bad/mismatch install after a patch. Is the error repeatable -- like same place and time with each run -- or is it random times? * Same place and time would point to file corruption -- resolve by deleting whole app and reinstalling. * Random times - could be a number of issues, bad memory, unstable due to overheating, other hardware issues. To fix file corruption, remove the whole application (send the WoW folder to the trash and empty it). and while on wall power / charger -- reinstall, if you have WoW:WotLK, install from your media starting with original, then BC, and finally WolLK -- then, allow the tools to install new launcher, and patch away to 3.0.9 [current as of this writing]. If you don't have a WotLK DVD, then install via web download on Blizzard's site - WoW->Account Management [scroll down to account summary] == you will find a "download" link -- install the Universal Client (for MacOS of course) -- This will take HOURS! -- even on my >20MBit internet connection it takes HOURS , but in the end you get the complete version already up-to-date. Good thing to do overnight... when it is less aggravating. Good Luck!
  11. World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    Well, I had it ordered, bumping the RAM caused delay, probably good, I took more time doing research on the Mac Pro. AND I am VERY disappointed. Last year's base machine is more powerful and expandable -- and LOTS cheaper. You could have purchased a Single Proc (4 core) machine for about $2100 USD -- then expand it yourself to a Octo-Core for < $1500 - getting the heatsink from the Mac parts retailers. But, not to derail this thread, My upgrade parts will be here in a day or so -- of course, I'll drop them in before the UPS guy is out of my driveway. And see what improvements to my FPS are in WoW. The 8800GTS w/640Mb has proven to be a dog in performance -- I'm looking forward to a 9800GTX+ SSC edition and the help of 4 cores and faster memory. And as for the assertion failure -- looks like your running an non-SSE3 proc?
  12. World of Warcraft on Hackintosh

    Hi, I too only play WoW as my only game on my Hack, daily (sadly!). Although, I play at my LCD's native resolution of 1680x1050 - my FPS is not nearly that good... but playable -- at least until my new Mac Pro arrives -- yeah, I ordered the new one, my Mac envy was too high - plus I miss my iMac. Here's a shot of me in Dalaran, hovering at 44 fps @ 11:41am Servertime. So in about a week and a half, I'll try the same settings on my new machine.
  13. App to monitor CPU temps?

    TemperatureMonitor TemperatureMonitorLite HardwareMonitor ... These Apps install a kext that allows direct access to intel cpu core temps -- these of course only work on intel. Version Tracker - TemperatureMonitor 4.5.1 I use the lite version all the time.
  14. i-Bench to test your Mac

    I love how this program detects and labels "Hackintosh" :: anyway my system: System info Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (Build 9E17) Model: Hackintosh Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz Frequency: 3.65 GHz Total CPU number: 2 Physical CPU number: 1 Bus frequency: 1.62 GHz Memory size: 4.00 GB Memory type: 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Compiled with: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5465) Tests results Composite result: 5.48 iBench_fp test suite Householder transformation: 5.56 Gaussian blur: 5.55 Mandelbrot set generation: 5.58 Numerical integration: 5.68 JPEG compression: 5.61 LU decomposition: 5.28 Edge detection: 5.38 Fast Fourier Transform: 5.72 Eigenvalue: 5.14 Partial result: 5.50 iBench_int test suite MD5 hashing: 5.59 Blowfish cypher: 5.90 Kruskal tree search: 5.23 Integer factorization: 5.46 ZIP compression: 5.21 N Queens problem: 5.46 Maximum Common Divisor: 5.67 Quick sorting: 5.34 Binary searching: 5.31 Bubble sorting: 5.15 Prime numbers calculation: 5.72 Partial result: 5.45
  15. Indeed, a company would take your MacBook, replace the chassis, removing keyboard and pad, and becoming one piece (not unlike the photo in the first post) Link: MacBook Tablet Conversion