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  1. http://www.orangeware.com/endusers/wirelessformac.html is that of any use in sorting the wireless to anyone
  2. xenopod

    my first mac

    i got tiger on cd version !! but i got a dvd rom drive fitted now !! just tested acouple of dvd's on the system, i am well impressed , i just got another off ebay, so another pc getting ransacked and another mac to be upgraded !! wow easy learning curve on theses wondefull machines.
  3. as pc user can i have my thoughts on apple destination in the future, ok here goes , apple knows its got a good operating system and hareware platform, but this is not good enough for them, they need a bigger market share, so they construct an os x version that runs on intel hardware, why you ask simple because they know people will right drivers for hardware, and a couple of years down the line os x suddenly becomes a real possibility for windows users, we all hate windows but only because the options open to us have been nil as to a operating system to run on wot i concider to be cheap hardware, thats what make pc's attractive the price, now apple are piping into that market and if some hackerscan get it running on generic pc's then hell apple can do it proberbly better or just as well, as for stability ok at present not very good but its getting there, if you would have asked me two years ago would i be running os x on a pc i would have been the first to say wow a pipe dream guys. but its happening and soon i reckon apple with go head to head with windows, lets see if they devolop os x for a palm pc that would be interesting. well my two penny's heard so i will stop wondering about the future. thumbs up from me if apple want to kill windows , i am all for it lol .
  4. xenopod

    my first mac

    Hi everyone just a quick update to my new mac , ok i got it delivered and first thing i did was stick memory upto 300mb roughly, it now has 2 x 9gb hard drives in it and i added a os x tiger and a belkin 7001 wireless card in it , i also added a dvd drive to it, well heres my first feelings on using it , speed is actually very good , i was not exspecting much or should i say matched pc specs i was expecting about same performance , well i actually think its more like a 700mhz pc in useage terms , it is now sitting in my eldest daughters bedroom with aol software running on it , the rage 128 card runs very well even thou its only 16meg , i am so impressed with the ease of use and simplicity to upgrade and install os x tiger that i am now looking for a second one for my other daughter, games wise ok its not the greatest machine but i was no exspecting to run games on it however i have downloaded a couple of shareware games for it and they run great. my daughter is 12 and here are her impressions of the machine, "its way cool and aol runs great " she also likes the os x desktop as she thinks its well trendy. my hightlights to my slow move to macs is the with the g3 350 (blue and White) it was easy to get into, good to upgrade and a joy to install os x on, the belkin card was accepted straight away and all i had to do to configure it was to tell it in network config i was using airport and i used the wap number for the password. if any pc users are concidering getting a machine for there kids i recommend they go down this route, myself i have been useing pc's since the good old days of 286's so yes alot time , this is my first look ever at mac's and within a day of opening it up and switching it on i have got a extremely usable system up and running. oh yes all the spare parts memory, dvd and monitor all came from a 350mhz pc which has now found a new home in a skip. and thanks guys for the info needed here, and as for os 9 well i am so glad i am not using it, it isbloody horrible lol, but os x tiger gets my thumbs up here, even updated it to 10.4.5 online with no problems what so ever. so my last words are really this ok you might pay a little extra for what you think you are getting a power match but i think this look at machine speed ie 350 400 etc and double it to get performance of equivilant pc setup with windows 98 or me vrs os x tiger. but ram is a real factor and yes 256meg in the mac is a total must have.
  5. xenopod

    my first mac

    ok folks i got the bug and just bought a second hand mac off ebay, its a g3 350 with 6gig hard drive, it has os 9 .2 on it , now my question is which is best to put on it 9.2 or osx and what about speed this is going to end up in my kids bedroom so i need to get a wireless card and aol software any suggestions will be accepted. oh yes i paid £45 including delivery and keyboard and mouse , i also got a dvi to vga for £3.99 :pirate2: so more of this going on lol
  6. xenopod

    OS X (Intel Build) 10.4.4 Dvd Patcher

    10.4.4 installed ok i got the iso from demoniods and it installed perfectly on my system 2.6 intel p4 sse 2 spare 10 gig hard drive used ati radion 9200 card but sadly no open gl support so back to drawing board with this one !!
  7. xenopod

    Hacker Aptitude Test - Required

    lol oh dear i scored 6 !! hehehe !! think i better see my shrink !!
  8. xenopod

    ethernet problem

    thanks man your a star got the kext file now !!
  9. xenopod

    ethernet problem

    yes after reading all stuff on here that will fix it
  10. xenopod

    ethernet problem

    ok i got 10.4.4 running from native install but ethernet no working !! could someone either send me the kext file for the IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.3 as i donot want to reinstall 10.4.3 to reget it !! or can i just lift it off 10.4.3 dvd install disk i got ? please help !! many thanks i advance pm me for my email addy if you can help
  11. xenopod

    OS X (Intel Build) 10.4.4 Dvd Patcher

    well done everyone followed this with some excitement and i am now dowloading the one from demoniods !! cool !!
  12. an one fancy creating a 10.4.4 dvd and popping it in the old pirates bay
  13. xenopod

    Install not working on eMachines

    http://ts.searching.com/torrent/510845/Mac..._For_x86_PCboot try this copy
  14. xenopod

    slow gui

    i had exactly this problem until i got a 9 gig 5200 hard drive and stuck osx 10.4..3 on that , now speeds are alot better in fact about 200% on my system
  15. xenopod

    10.4.4 dmg to iso?

    i tried that and converted 2 iso but still 2 big