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  1. I had been running Kalyway 10.5.2 plus the Kalyway 10.5.3 update for quite some time, skipped 10.5.4 because I never saw an actually straight up modded update for it, only new full OS releases. finally today I just decided I'd wipe and reinstall with one of the newer releases, so backed up a bunch of my {censored} to the second drive and headed here to do some research on what the latest releases were when I found this thread, and figured I'd give it a go. I installed pretty much as instructed, erring towards the "restore old drivers" options when unsure, but now upon booting I find my PS2 ports are not responding, and that whenever I click About this Mac, it logs me out and boots me to the login screen. The former I have a feeling is probably somehow related to the PS2 "fixes" that I for some reaosn left on defaults with both checked, but the latter leaves me clueless. Everything else seems to work fine so far. Hardware is as follows: P4 2.4Ghz Dell mobo (ICHx based) 1.5GB DDR400 RAM Nvidia Geforce 6600 256mb Anyone have any idea how I could fix these problems, before I go and just wipe it and install the iAtkos 10.5.4 disc I have kicking around, or even going back to Kalyway?
  2. Well, I finally got around to installing 10.5.3, using the Kalyway 10.5.3 torrent I fond on the internet. It went mostly smoothly, using the modbin 9.3 kernel included, except that when I got booted back into OS X, Core Image was in software and I had no Quartz Extreme. I had expected as much, so out of habit, I went and nabbed the lates NVinstaller. For some reason there was no 256MB option to match my 6600, so I went for the Vanilla option. Booted back up, and CI/QE are working now, but instead my networking is broken. Network panel in Sys. Pref. says no cable is connected to the ethernet. It also said that it found a new serial port, which I thought was a bit odd. I took a look in the /System/Library/Extensions folder and noticed there's a .kext in there for an Nforce board now, and it's highlighted green like it's using it. Which is of course wrong, because I don't have an Nforce board at all, it's an Intel/Dell board. Anyone have any ideas what's going on here and how I might fix it?
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    10.5.3 Available as an update!

    So how would I go about telling which kernel I'm running? I used the Kalyway 10.5.2 disc, but it's been over a month and I can't for the life of me remember which I used. Plus I installed that NVInstaller thing that was supposed to fix vid card sleep . . . Maybe I'll just wait until there's a 10.5.3 disc and reinstall. Need to do that soon anyway.
  4. Install Stuffit Expander. Open it up, go into preferences, and check the Delete after expanding box, and also make sure the Continue to expand and Mount disk images options are checked as well. Then, just always use the Open with option in Firefox whenever you click a download link. There's also a check box in the download dialog that pops up, that tells Firefox to always do the same action every time you click to download one of that filetype. There's also a function in Stuffit Expander to tell it to monitor a certain folder (like say, your default Firefox download folder), and automatically expand any archive files it finds there.
  5. I've got a frankenstein machine I put together from the guts of an old Dell Dimension 4600, stuffed inside an Asus TM-211 case (the white version of the same case those "Open Computer" guys are using, bought for a Portal casemod). 2.4ghz P4, Geforce 6600, 1.5GB RAM, nothing super impressive. I'd actually been trying to figure out how I could go about making an OS X cd for my Powerbook from Windows, when it occured to me that it would be a hell of a lot easier to just install OS X on my PC. I'd found an article about the Kalyway disc on Lifehacker a long time ago, but honestly hadn't thought it would work. Well, turns out it did. And quite well. My first install got sort of messed up, because I forgot to install the Nvidia drivers, the sound wasn't working, and my ethernet only seemed to work half the time. A wipe and reinstall however got everything working ship shape. I do have a few niggling issues though: 1) I keep getting a "USB overcurrent" message, telling me it's shutting down a hub attached to me machine. Got it a bunch during the install process, and I get it once on boot up every time. This seems to be affecting the usefulness of my USB, as I can no longer hot swap my mouse. If I unplug it, then plug it back in, it doesn't recognize it anymore, and so I have to force a restart of the machine just to use it again. I read something somewhere that suggested disabling USB 2.0 can fix this, but of course my silly Dell motherboard doesn't give me any option for that in BIOS. Anyone know any other work arounds? 2) Flash video playback is absolutely terrible. Pixelated, slow, really makes Hulu basically useless in OS X. Miro makes up for YouTube, but that's about it. I'd thought this might be a video issue, but a google check suggest this may just be the fault of OS X Flash plugin being crummy? 3) I think OS X did something wierd to my DVD drive firmware, because now every burning software I use, on XP or OS X, reports my available speeds at 2x higher than what I should actually have. I'm not sure what the hell caused that, but it was frustrating me, because the Titanium Powerbook prefers DVDs to be in 4x supposedly, and I couldn't burn in 4x. I wound up getting a CD version of 10.3 anyway, and CD-Rs reported normal speeds. I'm worried this could be a problem in the future though, because it was actually reporting a max speed on my DVD-Rs higher than what the discs are actually rated for! 4) Sleep doesn't work. I think this is a video issue. The machine wakes up fine, but there's no signal to the monitor. This isn't a big deal really, because I'm used to Windows, where it never works either, but it did cause me some problems a few times until I finally remembered to actually turn it off. Overall though, I'm really happy with it. I'd gone into it with some trepidation, as I'm an old Classic die hard, and the concept of a UNIX Mac OS seemed wrong to me, but really, in many ways it's even easier to use now than it was in the old days. IT earned a permanent spot on it's own dedicated hard drive, and will not likely leave it any time soon.