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  1. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Sorry for the double post but my computer is crashing when I wanted to work on Premiere. I think there is something wrong with the CPU Power management. Anyone got an idea ? Thank you
  2. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Hey, I got a last one issue, I can't enable my audio. I got the last AppleALC kext and Lilu. I check reset HDA in clover configurator and test some device number but nothings happens. here is my Ioreg and the Run Me folder I will thank you if you help me and if you can explain to me how to fix it. Thank you Send me Mac Pro de 7eme.zip Mac Pro.zip
  3. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    The Thunderbolt EX3 works on Gigabyte Mobo ?
  4. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Yes, GPU : AMD FE 16Gb Air edition PCI Devices : Gigabytes Alpine-Ridge SSDs : 2x Samsung 860 evo 1Tb Cooling: Dark Rock 3 Case : In Win 303
  5. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Oh yea ! It seems to be much better ! Can you tell me why it's 35 an no 36 ? Thank You a lot
  6. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    @Loloflat6 Yes I do ! And I set the number of my threads on the IOCPUnumbers strings which is 36 if I refer to the i9 specs. Now the OS is fully install but it's still very slowly, like almost unusable. Ty
  7. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Ok it works with the USB 2.0 front ports or I test the USB 2 mobo port. Whatever, the install is going but it was like very "laggy" in the install screen. I will let you know the following. Thank you
  8. Delecta

    i9-7980XE install issue

    Got the ban sign after a line of USB 3 port loading with the AptioMemoryFix. @Allan I use the only method I know which is I try to install MacOS via clover on my usb stick who's got a 10.13.0 install. Thank you
  9. Hi ! I started a new build today with this parts : Mobo : Gigabyte x299 Gaming 7 CPU : Intel i9-7980XE Extreme Edition (2,6 GHz) RAM : 64 Gb RAM Corsair Vengeance LED 3200Mhz GPU : AMD Vega FE 16Gb I tried to install MacOS High Sierra on a SSD Samsung Evo 1Tb and sometimes I've got "Does printf work ?' and sometimes I've got a ban sign after the lines I atteched you below. I tried to minimise my kext in my clover folder because one time the boot stuck at the IntelMausiEthernet kext. Thank you if you got advices. EFI.zip
  10. Thank you all ! The AptioMemory Fix solve my issue ! But now my computer crash when I edit some 360 video on Premier Pro and I think it's my Vega 64 FE the problem becasue the LED are only flashing. Thank you again
  11. Do I need to erase AptioOSX2drv when I use AptioMemoryFix or it make to be used together ? Because I let the both together and I got a new error at every boot.
  12. Got same error randomly on my new hack : GA Z370 gaming 7 i7 8700K 64go Ballistix 2400 MHz It can pop 3 times in a row and after wait the 7th boot before appears again. Don't understand why and how fix it. I'm trying the AptioMemoryFix driver include in Clover Configurator right now.
  13. Still doesn't work...thank you for trying and take some time
  14. @Dwarfy . In "non-reference" you mean the brand , you think it will be better if I take a MSI or whatever known ? Yes, I can go on AMD GPU but I wanna upgrade to GTX 1080 so I will be sad if I can't. @Mald0n Thank you for hekping me ! But I tried your fix and it doesn't work in the two ways :/ It will changes something if I change the SMBIOS ? I don't know what I can use with my parts ? Thank you
  15. I already add NvidiaWeb and emuvariable and clear my nvram with "sudo nvram -c" and no changes.. Thank you