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  1. Yes so sorry, the fact is now my computer doesn't want to boot anyway..I am going to make a fresh install but I was able to boot with my APFS MacOs bootable SSD drive and my ExFat storage ssd drive only if I plugged a Exfat USB stick..
  2. @glasgood i forgot to mention that I have a AMD Radeon VII. Sorry I am trying to resolve that issue since like 7 hours, my brain is gonna explode.
  3. So I tried your EFI and no I am able to start with the Exfat and APFS drive plugged-in but no it doesn't boot with USB stick plug now.
  4. @glasgood Sorry, I was too focused on explain my issue understable. Here is my specs : Mobo :GA Z390 Aorus Pro CPU : i7-8700K RAM : 32 Go 3200 Mhz Corsair PSU : Corsair 850RMx SSD : Samsung 860 Evo 500 & 1 To CPU Fan : bequiet Pure Rock
  5. Hello again @glasgood ! So this is a really weird issue : I have got this "start uncompressed kernelcache" when I have a a second SSD plugged-in in Exfat or in APFS but not in HFS+. But not with an USB stick in Exfat. And what is really weird it's that I can be able to boot only when I put the Intel Graphics in Auto or in Disable in the BIOS or plug any USB stick. Here is my EFI, I'm on 18.3 to be able to have the hotplug in TB3. EFI .zip
  6. Hello, I tried your kext but it doesn't work But now this is not my main issue. My hack stuck at "start uncompressed kernelcache" only when I've got my 2nd SSD in Exfat. I try ti add Fat drivers in Drivers64UEFI. But it doesn't work. Anyone have an idea ? Thank you
  7. Hello @Glasgood, I am actually in 18.3 and I have success to work my 2 ports TB3 in hotplug ! But I will try your kext and let you know. Thank you very much !
  8. Hey, Thank you for you guide ! It was very helpful for me. I just have an issue : I don't have a USB after sleep. The USB stick is eject when I wake my hack up. EDIT : Only with USB sticks whatever the ports it is plugged. But with external HDD or TB3, it's working fine after sleep. If you have any idea. Thank you
  9. Delecta

    Packages in EFI partition

    Thank you guys !
  10. Hey @glasgood ! I am thinking to change my mobo for this one with a i9-9900K. Just had few questions, what's the purpose of RTCMemoryFixup ? Seems be developped by lvs1974 but I can't find anything on his Github ? Thank you
  11. Hello guys ! I am working on a new project and I need to create a pkg to install files in the EFI partition. I am using the app called "Packages" but I don't know how to made it mount the EFI of the startup disk, install the files and unmount the partition. When I create a folder /EFI or /EFIROOTDIR it creates a folder to the start of the disk not in the partition. If anyone got an idea, even with XCode Thank you very much
  12. Hello !I have a beautiful build which is :CPU : i9-7920XMobo : Gigabyte Aorus x299 Ultra Gaming ProRAM : Corsair Vengeance 2 x 16Go 3200 MhzGPU : Gigabyte Vega 64 8gb VramPSU : Corsair RM850xMy problem is when my computer go to sleep, it wakes up but the screen still blank and there is apparently no signal. So I must hard restart by the power button. But then, I've got a KP. Here is my EFI, IOReg and the log of the KP. I tried some ssdt for improve the sleep of the X299, I have tried ssdt for improve the Vega but unless it works well. I tried some pmset settings. I tried some fix in clover (neverhibernate ect..) and I tried to change the darkwake...Thank you very much for your help. EFI + IOReg.zip
  13. Delecta

    Quicktime Freeze

    It works ! Thank you Mald0n !!
  14. Delecta

    Quicktime Freeze

    Hi ! Here is my dump. Thank you RunMe-Output.txt Send me Mac-Pro-de-Delecta-2.zip
  15. Delecta

    Quicktime Freeze

    Hey ! Thanks you for your help but it still freezing. Here is my EFI CLOVER.zip