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    Lenovo U350

    LENOVO U 350 - a beautiful 13.3 inch MAC AIR similar alternative. Lets get the ball rolling on installing OSX GRAPHICS : use the modified X3100 kext found on this site somewhere....i cant seem to attach it here. Please continue with this thread if you know the rest. I am going to try this tonight - apparently only LEOPARD runs atm ... which is fine with me provided it is 10.5.8 I need a detailed install guide here - complete with which distro and which patches/drivers installled/ticked on first installation. The wifi issue seems to be on it's way to being resolved. INTEL 5100 ..... comments please...
  2. hi guys i can also not find that com.apple.mainstage.plist file.... wonder why? can someone post it to this forum please thanks cheers John
  3. Hi Guys Recently installed iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on my ACER 5920G laptop. Had a rough install but landed nicely. 3 things though.... 1. No DVD-RAM/ROM drive at all...it is obviously seen in the bios - and osx86 tools doesnt see it 2. Used the ALC888 Taruga patcher - nice but cant get speakers working - aside from that GREAT to have line in and mic in and line out working...but speakers are nice. 3. 2 out of 3 reboots hangs on the Grey - Apple logo screen...how is that logically possible? Any tips on how to sort that out? Thanks in advance DJC
  4. the link is down ? where can i get the files? account suspended....???? who dd that? ok got it thanks...
  5. hi all i have installed kalyway 10.5.2 and it seems the best option .... i have tried others many times. no wlan - no lan and no camera also no sd card reader. - firewire does work and u can get internet access that way... sound thru the speakers as option - there is a way to patch it to line out - but dont bother cos ull use the speakers more often i got the dual boot to work almost by accident - leopard on first partition and vista on second...it happened automatically after i installed kalyway which comes with some NICE apps - i own LEOPARD original and it has an app that will install the iLife apps onto Kalyway -i recommend that! i use a cheap USB audio stick with mic/line out for that and a usb to LAN converter -loads of USB products are instantly recognised by Leopard - I love it...but also have windows blister to boot up with for gaming ... and wireless browsing for virus infections etc lol
  6. hi there as far as I know - there is no driver as yet - although I read somewhere that you can "import a codec from knoppix" - not sure how to do that...anyone know? have u got the camera and wireless lan or normal lan working? i can confirm the hdmi out works well - but no sound tho. in comparison to vista - its fantastic isnt it!