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  1. Best Webcam?

    It impressed me so much last time I just bought a new model of this iSight look alike - and I love it....full HD who could complain and it has a much better built in mic this time which I am pleased about http://agent.liquiddigital.com.au/
  2. Web Cams

    I was having similar trouble so ended up sourcing a new webcam that was plug and play compatible with my mac. The closest to the old iSight I could find was aGent V3 aGent V3 webcam also has a version that works on osx 10.2 - 10.3.9 Good luck!
  3. Best Webcam?

    My vote for the best webcam was definitely isight! But now that it is no longer available I am equally as impressed by Agent V3 webcam (looks and behaves like iSight) They have two cams in the range Agent V3 for Plug and play for OSX 10.4.3 and later or they have the fantastic Special Edition Agent V3 for anyone running OS 10.2-10.3.9. This is great for some. Check out how fantastic it looks here Just like iSight!
  4. I have just bought a new mac book with OSx obviously and want a good portable webcam - I don't want to use the inbuilt one. I have had a chat to a friend who is Mac savvy unlike me and he thinks isight cams are long gone - is this true? If so are there any good alternatives? Thanks