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    x79 iMac Pro

    What scores do you get in LuxMark benchmark?
  2. Machinee

    Clover Themes

    Mac OS Classic - A Clover Theme by Machinee (Work in progress) Created a Classic Mac OS Theme for Clover Bootloader. Thought I'd share it for anyone interested. It has the features of the Classic Mac OS with a modern look. Features Animated Banner Scrollbar Custom Icons Custom Font The non selected entries will turn to life with colors when selected. Smaller monitors will also have a Classic Mac OS styled scrollbar when needed. Notes: I couldn't really get the scrollbar to work exactly as intended for now, seems to be a really buggy feature. I might take requests for icons etc. if there's interest, we'll see. Designed with 2.5K monitors in mind, let me know if something doesn't look right at other resolutions. Enjoy! Download here: https://github.com/fbongcam/Mac-OS-Classic-a-Clover-Bootloader-Theme