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  1. I'm having a similar issue. Updated to 2.5.4d, started a rather large FTP upload on my intranet, and after approximately 10gb or less of data the connection goes into a black hole and a reboot is then required in order to regain network connectivity. Happened about four times within a 30min period, each time requiring a reboot. System log is filled with incessant repetitions of the following: 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: AppleIntelE1000e(Err): Detected Hardware Unit Hang: 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: TDH <62> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: TDT <41> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: next_to_use <41> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: next_to_clean <61> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: buffer_info[next_to_clean]: 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: time_stamp <422b> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: next_to_watch <6f> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: next_to_watch.status <0> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: MAC Status <40080083> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: PHY Status <796d> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: PHY 1000BASE-T Status <3800> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: PHY Extended Status <3000> 10/1/13 8:07:15.000 PM kernel[0]: PCI Status <10> Reverted back to 2.4.14 and it's behaving much better. System is a Z77X-UP5-TH on 10.8.5.
  2. XStylus

    Toshiba Portege R705

    Would this be your first hackintosh? What have you tried and how far along have you gotten? I'm interested in an R705 as well. Would like to see someone successfully get OSX on it before I get one.
  3. I'm trying to install iATKOS S3 v2 on an Intel DP55KG motherboard. Several other threads in here have reported success with that board, but I'm unable to get very far with the disc itself. When I boot to the disc, I get about as far as the little chameleon. A split second after the gray screen with the Apple logo appears, the machine hard-reboots. I've checked over the BIOS and did the trial and error thing of disabling/enabling anything that might be relevant (AHCI, Hyperthreading, Speedstep, Power settings), but no go. I confirmed the MD5 of the image I burned, and verified the disc as well. I'm at a grinding halt before I've even begun. Suggestions?
  4. I'd like to run the 64bit kernel of OS-X, but it doesn't detect my wireless card. I'm running a legit MacBook Pro and it's equipped with an Atheros wireless adapter. Is this a known issue, or is this an oddball issue I need to troubleshoot on my equipment?
  5. Hmm. Is it me, or is the Macbook Pro refresh rather weak this time around? It's disappointing that the speed bump was so tiny. I was expecting the 17" and the top 15" to get a 2.6ghz chip standard. Plus with the price of memory being as cheap as it is right now, there's no reason why Apple couldn't load them up with 4gb or at least 3gb standard. Considering the extra month of wait, I was expecting DDR3 or something. I'm glad to see they didn't mess with the keyboard though, and the increased VRAM is nice if you're the gamer sort. I don't see many notebooks that can boast 512mb VRAM.
  6. If that works, this will be epic. Has anyone tried this yet?
  7. Ditto on this request. I've got a new Acer Aspire 5100-3949 that would love to stretch its legs with OSX, if it could just see the hard drive.
  8. XStylus

    hdd problems

    This probably won't work (especially since your unit isn't a real Mac), but you can try disabling OSX's anti-shock motion sensing function. There are problems with Scorpio drives in that its built-in anti-shock sensor conflicts with OSX's own anti-shock software, although it depends on a motion sensor in genuine Macbooks. Obviously, your machine isn't a genuine Macbook so it almost definitely doesn't have a motion sensor, but perhaps some freak bug is tripping the software in OSX. Hey, weirder things have happened. Below is a summary of how to disable it, according to http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=300724. Let us know how it goes. :censored2:
  9. I can't exactly say I'm all that worried. If Adobe wants to limit their market, no problem. Pro Tools is still the de-facto audio editing standard, and it works fine and dandy on G5 Macs. There's also Soundtrack Pro which is part of the Final Cut Studio package. So long as Adobe doesn't abandon support on their other programs, no biggie. I seriously doubt Photoshop CS3 will be Intel only. That'd be a stupid move of legendary proportions. CS4 (or whatever it's called by then) perhaps will though.
  10. XStylus

    Crash with Final Cut Studio 5.02 on 10.4.7

    By chance is there anyone who is using FCP without a problem? If so, what are your specs? Also, for you other guys having problems with FCP, it'd be helpful to post your specs as well, like xenepp was doing.
  11. The 407159-001 is a PCIe card. This is the unit that they usually put in their Celeron notebooks. I just put one in an HP DV5000 centrino notebook that previously had a 3945ABG and it worked like a champ. HP also has the drivers for it installed standard and it shows up instantly as a Broadcom B/G card, so it should be a painless install. I will also test the 416376-001 (which is the PCIe card they put in their AMD equipped notebooks) as soon as I get an opportunity. Edit: I just tested the 416376-001. It's identical to the 407159-001, and works perfectly.
  12. When it does work, did you get sound out of the headphone jack, speakers, or both?
  13. Then you might want to look into the 416376-001. That's an HP OEM Broadcom PCIe card. I got that part number from the service guide for the DV2000 series. There are other cards listed in the guide as well, but that one is the most promising. It was also the only one I was able to find available for sale anywhere. The service guide can be found at http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00729555.pdf.
  14. XStylus

    iTunes 7 - Politics

    You've got it the other way around. Apple said that would not take any actions to prevent Windows from running on their machines. Of course, this later changed (in a positive way) when they released Boot Camp.
  15. By network are you referring to wired or wireless?