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  1. hello all, My computer is working fine (graphics card), CI and QE working great! But i have one little problem... The network interface. I have saw the posts about "how to configure the ethernet", but i don't find nothing about the "module" to load or something. Accessing "About this Mac" and "More info", i can see the ethernet (en0), and i know that it is a broadcom interface. I think that my machine is very similar to the dev one. And HCL says that the NIC works great. So, how can i enable it? ifconfig -a does not show the en0 interface. My NIC: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Thanks.
  2. Hello.. Somebody has the OSX86 driver version for dlink-210 usb adsl modem? I did look in my dlink CD, but is just for powerPC. But you know, the CD is always too old, and dlink has sites all around the world, maybe some contry has the x86 version. I have found so many versions... So, don't cost ask... Besides, i don't believe that all of you is working with OSX without internet.. I know, i know... ethernet ones... but, USB modems are comming, and are too cheap (dlink 210 is too usual in Brazil). Maybe the darwin project has something... Sorry by the english! ps.: I'm looking in the dlinkbrasil site, and they have another version. I will test it, and tell you... I believe that drivers should not be problem to have in the two platforms. If so, will be painfull for companies and apple too. The interface is POSIX, that is no reason for dlink does not have a x86 version. Don't you agree? * video 82865G without QE
  3. Green Squares

    Hello again... Well, no responses... but i can fix that issue. I have made some tests with the AppleIntel830xxx.kext files. Now, i have just the AppleIntel830.kext directory in /System/Library/Extensions. And now, the OSX can boot without any options (no -x . But, no more Quartz Extreme QuickTime is no more working... Now i have to find how configure correctly my intel 82865G card. As i have said, the QE was working, and my video card supports OpenGL. Thanks, and sorry by the english.
  4. Green Squares

    Hello all... I have made a OS X 10.4.1 installation with the tiger-x86-flat.img file (dd thing...), and have worked fine!! The problem is: - After some "restarts" (My machine has dual boot - OSX + Ubuntu Linux), the OSX does not boot anymore. Just if i pass the "-x" option. So, i have re-installed the OSX and when i login for the first time (and others), just works fine... after some time... the same problem occurs. Oh, sorry... when i did say "does not boot", i mean: The system initialize, but without "fonts", with green squares in the screen. If i click (guessing) in some application, it is started, but with some black corners, green squares, and without fonts. I can't read anything. At last, i have made a re-install again, to see what i could be doing to make the OS go to that state... but for my surprise, at the first logon the problem is there. So, is not the use that makes the problem, is another thing... With te "-x" option it boots... but somethings do not work (screensaver for example)... And if it can work whithout "-x" once, i want that behavior! ) I have a intel D865GBf motherboard, with a pentium 4 processor (sse sse2 sse3). Thanks and sorry by the english! ps.: My sound is not working. I did buy a compatible motherboard from HCL list. Thanks again!!!