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  1. Hackingtosh Visits Apple Store?

    Here's a youtube video I found. They take their Hack to Best Buy, then at the end the Apple Store. .
  2. need help with iatkos s3 v2

    Not sure if you tried this yet, but here is what I had to do. I noticed when SATA was set to AHCI it would read the hard drive but not the DVDROM. With SATA set to IDE it would read the DVDROM but not the HD. Believe it or not the solution was simply plugging the DVDROM into a different port and finding the setting that worked in my BIOS, in my case AHCI.
  3. ALC888 doesn't work (ICH9)

    Same mainboard, and chipset here, working well. See this post here The trick is to have the HDAenabler kext inside the plugins folder of AppleHDA.
  4. How I got my ALC888 working in 10.9 Without DSDT

    Awesome job!! Just put 10.6.5 on my HP Pavillion P6110f about 2 days ago and have been looking for an alternative to VoodooHDA since. You are a life saver! Awesome job!!
  5. AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    Thanks, working great here on my AMD rig!
  6. 10.5.7 Released

    you need the seatbelt version 107.10 from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1153254 both the 10.5 and 10.6 versions are there in zip format
  7. 10.5.7 Released

    that sucks... have you tried booting in safe mode and mounting the image? I read somewhere that worked for someone.
  8. 10.5.7 Released

    did you replace your System.kext as well as seatbelt? that's what worked for me.
  9. Most addictive Mac games

    for me it's Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Aerosmith
  10. QuickTime 7.5 in Software Update

    Works on my AMD system using Zephyroth's ASU 0.5. It did find some CPUID's so if you have an AMD machine be sure to run Marvin's or update with the ASU app.
  11. WWDC 2008

    What the ? The whole friggin keynote was nothing but the iPhone!!! Very disappointing!
  12. Isn't this one of the signs of the end of the world? I bet that Nostradamus guy predicted this would happen.... Seriously though, I've learned a few things over the 20+ years of owning a computer (ahh the memories of the old Commodore days come flooding back), and some important things I've learned is that when it comes to Apple expect the unexpected and whatever rumor you might hear is never as crazy as what they'll probably do. Apple has the ability to enact drastic change (the switches to PPC, OS X, and intel for example), and this makes nothing out of the question.
  13. Rhuey46, try using the Nvidia kexts from 10.5.2. That is what worked for my 7300GS when none of the other options worked.
  14. AppleSMBIOS update

    move the old kext to the trash and drag the new kext in then open terminal and type the following.... cd /System/Library/Extensions sudo bash (type your password) chown -R root:wheel AppleSMBIOS.kext chmod -R 755 AppleSMBIOS.kext restart and you should be good to go
  15. Leopard Zephyroth ichat crash

    I had this same iChat problem with zephyroth's rev2 release, but with the rev1 release everything works as it should. Which release are you using, rev 1 or rev 2? If it's rev 2 then try using rev 1 that's what worked for me. I don't think the sse2 or 3 thing has anything to do with it because mine supports sse3 and it still crashed. The graphics resolution thing depends on your card.... nvidia or ati. Make sure if it's nvidia to select NVinject when you install, not sure for ATI cards what you need to do. Also you may still be stuck at a 1024X768 resolution, if thats the case then try using DisplayconfigX. It will give you resolutions that aren't even supported by your monitor, so be careful and only choose ones you know that work. Another program some say works is SwitchresX.