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  1. A quick thanks for the fix from post 1... 5.1 sound with Audigy2 ZS, HD5870, Lion 10.7.2 (a Tonymacx86 install , but his fix worked for me).
  2. Hello and Merry Xmas- I would like to add a second GTX 260- found a deal on the interweb but have not purchased yet... should there be any problems simply plugging this in and booting up like the existing GTX 260?
  3. Thanks Blackosx- I fixed the com.apple.Boot.plist and skipped trying 64 bit mode and all is well. I have a EP45-UD3P freeing up this week(new i7 950 going in) so I may try retire the old P35 rig so I won't get too excited about 64 bit mode for now. I was using it to crunch BOINC where 64 bit mode helps.
  4. Hello! My SSD drive died last night so I used this method to install to a regular WD drive with the recent method/file updates and everything is great- 10.6.3 retail install to 10.6.4 via updates... however when I tried to enable 64 bit mode by removing the 2 lines '<key>arch</key>, <string>i386</string>' in com.apple.BOOT.plist on reboot it hangs at the gray apple logo with a continuous spinning wheel. What have I done wrong and can I somehow boot into this install and correct the problem? Thanks
  5. I have successfully been running 10.6.4 after a retail 10.6.3 install and am looking to upgrade the 9800GT to a faster CUDA card for BOINC GPU crunching. I installed with a 7900GS, swapped out for a 9800GT (and even tried a HD4870)- all worked with a simple card swap and no modifications required. I am looking at a GTX260 or GTX460 - anyone running with either? I have seen problems with the GTX260 in the forums...
  6. Success with GA-P35-DS3L and retail 10.6.3 USB install...Thanks a bunch!
  7. My retail disk is 10.6.3 but I tried to install it with this method on a rig that has been running 10.5.x without issue (swapped out the hard drive for a new one for the install attempt). When I swap out the boot cd for the retail disk and click the icon with -v I get 'HFS signature was not present... can't find mach_kernel'... is this something that can be worked around or do I need a different installation method for the 10.6.3 retail disk? GA-P35-DS3L, Q6600, 2x 2gb ADATA DDR2 800 Thanks Ok, figured that out... booted the retail disk and now get kernel panic about kernel and CPU mismatch?! Nevermind, installed retail 10.6.3 with- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...topic=%20180954 ...problem solved...
  8. LTL or others... I have done two retail installs ( using two different retail discs) on different drives using the v4.2 method so why are the serial#'s the same in Profiler??
  9. Ok, thanks again... I appreciate your help... I will play with it some more... Whoopee!! Thanks a bunch 3vj3- after multiple attempts from scratch it all came down to editing the post patch, or rather editing it correctly It's a good day when you learn something new...
  10. Thank you sir! I need some help with the post-patch.sh editing... ( I realize the v4.1 is for 'advanced' users, but bear with me ) Aside from changing 'DESTINATION' to the name of my retail install hard drive what changes to the file MUST be made? I am getting a lot of 'no such file or directory' when I run the post-patch
  11. I'm trying the v4.1 guide for advanced users>' Step 4- Run post-script.sh, #5. Change directory to v4.1 on your desktop' >> how do i do this?? I have edited the post-patch.sh per Step 1. -#15. Right now in Terminal I get - ./post-script.sh No such file or directory Thanks! ( a noob in uncharted territory )
  12. Got her going with the noob method- just had to fix the sound (GA P35 DS3L)... any way to change the 'hack.in.tosh' from the boot rom version? On the post install reboot I used F12 to pick from the Kalyway or Retail drives but saw the retail drive had no label and when I selected it, it refused to boot saying it was a 'foreign OS', but unplugging the Kaly drive let it boot without issue into the retail drive... Thanks!
  13. jabaman

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Problems... with AHCI enabled when I switch to the retail disc I get a dozen or so read errors- sector 0 and then it goes no further...with AHCI disabled the install works but it takes an hour and a half! I ran the verification during install and it passed. Using a WD 80gb sata drive- brand new.Could this be anything other than a bad hard drive?
  14. Super guide!! I followed the guide to the letter with rev.2 MB and all is well- even sound works ( for the first time for me)... THANKS-