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  1. alfalus

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I wanna know what the software name it is ?
  2. @MaLd0n pls help me fix my messy DSDT, i attach here. Also i found glitch apple logo while booting, so please help me to fix it Archive 2.zip
  3. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    1. Okay, i will use your revision and remove my SSDT-10 2. Can you tell me what are "Remove all 5 x current kexts" ? would you mind if u explain all ? 3. Oh ALC233 called 'codec' .. sorry i just knowed it 4. I attach my clover folder, so i hope you want to correct my work. *I have not changed anything from your recommendation, maybe you can list all of my mistake, i'm very gratefull 5. Ups sorry about quote, accept my apologize, anyway sorry for my bad english CLOVER 3.zip
  4. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    1. For the code, should i remove the existing _DSM on my HDAU to that _XDSM code ? In order my device is laptop, not desktop (S451LB series has only HDMI port and there is no VGA port. 2. I have installed all *see the Screen shot 3. For clover patch, i have added that *see the Screen shot Answered Question : 1. How to know the audio codec ? Can you tell me ? 2. Yes, my device is ALC233 and already use the patched HDA and all of output and input are working 3. I try it and HDMI worked 4. Version 10.12.6
  5. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    as I previously shared, the file can not be opened. I really dont understand why that file is can't open
  6. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    Can you correct my DSDT guys ? I attach the origin DSDT and patched one. i'm glad if you want to help me. DSDT.zip
  7. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    Hm.. why i cant run that file. Its really strange. I've tried as root too
  8. alfalus

    Sleep Shutdown Problem Asus S451LB

    Hello everyone, can you help me to fix sleep and shutdown issue on ASUS laptop. Because its really strange, sometime my laptop can sleep and shutdown, but sometime when i press sleep option, the display goes blank, but the indicator power is on (cant wake), so i must hard boot to force shutdown. I'm attached that DSDT and SSDT file (origin and patched) if you can see what's wrong with my patch. And i'm attach the config.plist too. I hope someone can help me to fix this issue. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english. PROBLEM.zip config.plist.zip
  9. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    Same error sir
  10. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    I already run that file and mount the EFI partition, but it shows this error message.
  11. alfalus

    hdmi audio intel 4400

    Is it possible to use that file on my Asus S451LB ? In order its same Graphic (Intel HD 4400)