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    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Hi I did it on MSI Neo-F and it works great! I've been using Elastics p35 iso ...he have some gigabyte mobo, but with the same p35 chipset ...So here is how i have done it... (first of all, excuse me for bad english) 1. run machine with iso CD 2. when it goes to Darwin just press enter 3. insert retail DVD 4. press enter again (don't type any numbers, hex's, 80's, etc) 5. after instalation restart, insert iso CD again 6. this time, on Darwin prompt press enter, and after that type 80 (for first HD, 81 for second, etc), and enter again 7. i've downloaded kexthelper, and have install: AppleSMBIOS.kext, JMicronATA.kext, IOATAFamily.kext, SMBIOSEnabler.kext, IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext and dsmos.kext 8. I've install patches for 8600gt (nVinject 4.1) and audio card (alc888) (in this moment I have restart machine few times, always with iso CD) 9. after that i've downloaded Chameleon for Hard Disk In Extra Contents folder I've put all kext from step 7, and kext from Extra folder on CD, and install Chameleon 10. pull out iso cd, and restart I haven't test a lot of stuff, and haven't try any update (i need to backup things first). quartz extreme works, network out of the box, and it seems everything is ok. EDIT...few days after after a few attempts to update to 10.5.5, I've realised that after a retail install the best thing to do is to update to latest version you have with combo update. Do that BEFORE instaling any kexts, drivers, etc...after that you can update without patching only with delta update (apple sign -> software update...or download update, but NOT combo)... I've also had some problems with my card and QE/CI...I've solved it using: 1. 9f23installer ( delete all Ge*.kext, and NV*.kext... before install) 2. after that I did THIS MOD 3. and at last I've install Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 via Pacifist... wow...I've been resolving this for days, and now I need 30 minutes for full install :-) works GREAT!