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  1. Basically I'm not sure if my build in sound card will run with OSX. Does anyone have recommendations for an external sound device that I will want regardless of whether I have a mac or a PC? I'm planning on working with Logic 8. Is there anything along those lines that you would recommend?
  2. Anyone able to tell me?
  3. These are what I have. I have a new PC notebook that I cant return, but I need a mac. This is basically my last ditch effort before I just buy a macbook and sell my PC.
  4. Regarding the different component lists, if something is compatible with 1.5.0 will it work for 15.1? So from what I've been able to find, my video card (GeForce 8400m GS 256MB) is good to go with QE and CI, just needs some patch or whatever. My audio card I have no clue on, I cant find anything other than "Realtek HD audio" but that isnt a big deal since I can get something external that works innately, right? Processor is Intel Core 2 duo T7500 which as far as I have seen is ok... Motherboard: Crestline & ICH8M Chipset <--- havent been able to tell on this one :\ Netword card is 3945ABG, and does not work as of right now, but last I checked lots of progress was being made, and it isnt the end of the world if I cant have wireless when running OSX I wanted to see whether I should just go ahead and give it a shot with this or whether there's something else I should be doing before giving it a shot.
  5. Graffiti

    You dont have to look at this kid's profile to tell that he is 15. Can we just move along? Maybe he'll grow out of it, maybe he wont. Maybe he'll continue it into his post-18 life period and get nailed for it. Maybe he wont and he'll move along to college where he discovers that there are much more worthwhile things. Maybe he'll get away with it and stick around in his parent's basement until his early twenties. Personally I hope he'll grow out of it. Time will tell
  6. Done my research....

    On a second look.... this is listed under portables, for the Vostro 1500 If mine is what I listed above... would it be the same thing basically? and I think I found my soundcard under portables: Lifebook P1620 So.... obviously my notebook isnt the same brand as those. Does that have any effect? Is the portable only for entire system hardware sets, or can I use it for reference of individual parts? And with that said: can I lose anything by just making the attempt? If it doesnt work out can I easily just run Windows again and forget about OSX all together? Any possible damage? I read about laptops running rather hot...
  7. Homosexuals

    Because we are human beings. We interact with each other. As much as I'd like to applaud you for disagreeing with discrimination, this is extremely flawed thinking. It goes along with the state of mind that many people have where they claim support of equality, but their mindset is not so. The fact of the matter is that equality would bring homosexuality into same frame in which we view homosexuality. There are plenty of people out there that say there is nothing wrong with homosexuality when the idea of 2 men kissing in public is not quite right in their mind. Not saying you feel this way, but it's important to point out IMO. But this is how we're conditioned. The media basically mind{censored}s society from age 0 until the day we die. Take a look at the stuff that's happening right now. Women are becoming more and more respected and on an equal level to men... at least from a legal standpoint. However look at image in the media. Over the past several decades, women have gotten smaller and smaller, to the point that it is considered "sexy" when a woman's ribs are showing (what the {censored}? seriously.) And then the body image of men over the past several decades: take a look at action figures from the 1970's and then today. Star Wars would be a good example, since they are the same characters. The arm and chest size proportions are absolutely absurd when you look at the difference. Maybe it seem's irrelevant, but this is the root of the problem. Society conditions us in ways in which most people will go through their entire lives without knowing or acknowledging. It's improving, but men are hardly allowed to be real people by most standards. It's all tied into the same problems that both women and homosexual people have, because both are extremely threatening to the standard expectations of males in our society. When you think about it, it's completely ridiculous. What on earth is it that really makes so many men SO uncomfortable about the idea of 2 men being together like that? Why is it that the thought of the possibility of being {censored} is terrifying to males going through their teens? What is the {censored} logic behind it? Even when men grow up in areas where it isnt acceptable to be anything but supportive of {censored} rights, it's still extremely common for lots of males to feel very uncomfortable about it, and only supportive on a very superficial level. Can't really answer the question myself. Anyone want to think about it for a while and try explaining it to me? I have an idea of the main reason, but I'd like to hear someone else's opinion.
  8. Al Gore's garbage further disproved

    Topic does a good job of illustrating why we're all totally {censored}ed
  9. Done my research....

    Well, I posted the specs somewhere and got an estimate of about 700-900$ I paid 1350$ for it, but I supplied the ram and the HDD, so it was at around a 1550$ value. Would you mind telling me if you think I should be asking for a higher price when I do sell it? -Brand is ADK, Q1 SR model. Has a TI firewire chipset. -OS: Windows XP Pro -Processor: Intel - Core duo T7500 2.2G 4meg cache 800 FSB -15.4 inch glossy screen, no scratches at all, no dead pixels I have found. 1280x800 resolution -Video card: Nvidia 8400 256Meg -160GB 7200RPM SATA HDD 8meg cache -2x2GB A-data RAM -Slim 8X DVD-RW/+RW and CD-RW Drive. Dual Layer. -Warranty is 3 years (bought it 2 months ago) 3 parts labor + lifetime support, but I'm not quite sure if that would transfer with the service tag/serial number or whether it is dependent on my name. -If I were to be completely honest, I would have to say that the battery (6-cell) lasts barely over 2 hours at full charge with settings at optimal battery performance. I guess the last question I have is if there is any PC laptop out there that I could buy instead and run as a hackintosh reliably without much hassle. Probably not worth it, I know, but I guess it bothers me that the warranty on any apple I buy will be void as soon as I upgrade the RAM and/or harddrive. Thanks for your help.
  10. Basically. I have a really new PC notebook that I can't return, and..... I should have bought a mac. I was looking at options for buying one when I came across this concept, and started looking into it. For the record, I am looking to have a machine that can run logic pro 8. Here's what I've found (based on the wiki page and google search) from my current hardware regarding hackintosh compatability -Motherboard: works -Processor: works -Video card: does not work or is extremely unstable. NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS -Network card: A solution is being worked toward, but the card has only been recognized and does not function. Intel 3945 I believe -Audio card: not sure how to find out. I couldnt tell from dxdiag, but I can always use an external one, right? So........ from what I understand, it is impossible to relace my video card on my notebook, and I have no idea about the network card. I just wanted to make sure that there's no way around this, because it means that I'm sellin this at a undesired price loss and buying a refurbished macbook pro (ebay seems far too risky) Just wanted to make sure there was no way around the video card issue, since it seems to be the main thing stopping me as of right now. Thanks