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  1. Dell Vostro V13?

    Rightio chapps. i have OS X 10.6.0 running fine on a Dell Vostro V13,... actually i am currently writing this on it. so i have taken some notes on what to do. What you will need to know Dunno why but for me the installation wouldn't start while on AC power, it had to be running off the battery. weird i know. maybe different for you. I updated my Vostro's BIOS to A05, you may not need to do this. i did it before i started so yeah. it may even help if you dont do it. i dunno. What you will need Access to a real MAC an 8GB flash drive An internet connection I have the following working Inbuilt LAN Webcam (worked out of the box) Bluetooth Audio, (although it makes a strange hissing noise, but it does work) What i am still working on WiFi GPU Acceleration, Screen resolution is fine. Although im not sure if i will be able to get these working as by the research i have done it sounds like few people are working on it. Downsides Battery lift is pretty bad, im getting about 2hrs Right so installation. get yourself a mac and do the whole copy the disk to a flash drive thing. its pretty easy to find instructions to do this. download Netbook Installer, i used 0.8.4RC1 http://code.google.com/p/netbook-installer/ run that and give it your flash drive you just formatted. pretty self explanatory. right so when your done start the vostro up and go into the settings. this is what i had setup to get it to work, yet again this maybe different for you it just what i used. also change the default first boot device to USB now save and exit BIOS take out the power cord (if you have it plugged in) and run on battery power. dont worry you just need enough power to start the install NOT complete it. when the boot screen comes up dont boot it strait away, type "-x -v" without "" then boot this may take some time to come up. eventually the gui comes up and askes what language, feel free to plug back in the power cord. Right now im going off memory now so this may not be 100% now format you laptop hard drive, to do this goto Utilites-> Disc Management (or something like that) find your hard drive and select 1 partition, then click options i think then change it from MBR to GUID partition the drive then exit out of the utility, then it will go back to the Setup. go through the setup. should take 20-30min when it finishes do not reboot strait away click utilities again and then select netbook installer just leave the default options and click continue or install whatever it is. when its done, then you can reboot. reboot without the flash drive plugged in. answer all the first boot questions and get into the desktop. now lets get your devices working. Audio so for audio you want to get VoodooHDA, i used version 2.7.2 and it worked for me but im sure other versions work as well. download and install that and reboot and you will have audio. VooDooHDA Link Bluetooth rightio for bluetooth download and install something called DellBluetoothHCI.1.2.pkg reboot and BOOM working Link to file at thred LAN Download RealtekRTL81xx.kext and go the following Click Go, then "Go to folder" /Extra/AdditionalExtensions/ and put a copy of RealtekRTL81xx.kext in there then go back to /Extra/ and run UpdateExtra.app and then reboot, and you inbuilt LAN should be up and going. Link to drive site And thats all i have done at the moment... i know its not much, but i have been doing it while at work so i havent been working 100% at it. i will attach the files i used but it's probably better to use the download links so you get newer versions. would love for some more input into it and if someone else gets some stuff working i would love for someone to let me know. RealtekRTL81xx.kext.zip DellBluetoothHCI.1.2.pkg.zip VoodooHDA_2.7.2.pkg.zip
  2. Dell Vostro V13?

    I'm not sure about it working 100% with OS X 10.6 put i have got it working a little. I have managed to get it to install with some trouble (will post basic instructions and BIOS pic later on) and have Audio working. Inbuilt LAN and WiFi are NOT working. YES you can get full resolution of the screen but Quarts is NOT working so no 3D effects, no iLife apps. will keep on going and bundle together the drivers that work when I'm either done or have gone as far as i can be bothered to go.
  3. every day that passes i hate Microsoft just a little more.......
  4. New Vista Build, New Problems

    i have one 1 thing to say about this at the moment and thats............Bugger
  5. What about using Windows Vista Beta 2

    i still dont get my macbook for a couple of weeks yet (it sucks to live in australia sometimes) but i have no MSDN so i will just have to wait to get a :pirate2: one
  6. Making Good Progress for Windows XP

    Yeah finally some good news today.
  7. Windows PE

    well her's the website on how to make it http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/ hope it helps
  8. Windows PE

    i will be ordering my MacBook Pro soon and i will give this a shot.....when i get it Great idea.
  9. EFI booting thread

    i found this web site that has a massive list of what seams to be all the bios calls that Windows XP makes, i dont know if this will help anyone or if it has allready been posted but i thought it might help someone in some small way. http://www.missl.cs.umd.edu/winint/index2.html
  10. does that mean that if someone gets there hands on a copy it "should" install on my macbook pro........when it gets here.