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    The Cider Wrapper Library

    I'm also getting this, checking the Res on my monitor shows 640x480 - no matter what res I choose in the options menu; seems the game itself IS internally rendering at its desired resolution but something in cider maybe is causing the output res to only be 640x480 (and therefore only showing that amount of the screen, as the rest is out of the display) This is with a 10.5.5 hack, C2D, RadeonX1900XT
  2. .tekrox

    Since 10.5.2 - USB Storage has gone

    A Band Aid is a plastic strip which you place over a small cut to stop the bleeding. (A Band Aid fix in other areas refers to making something work again - without actually addressing the main issue) Anyhow - I'm currently running the 9.1 Vanilla kernel again; with no issues whatsoever. So I doubt its a hardware compatibility issue; but I'll work it out at a later date. Cheers for the help.
  3. .tekrox

    Since 10.5.2 - USB Storage has gone

    I've tried rebooting several times with different devices plugged in (4GB/2GB/2x512mb Flash drives and iPod video 30GB HFS+)I'm going to try booting again with the 9.1 kernel and see if this makes a difference. Edit: Interesting - It seems my kernel has the wrong permissions and owner - I'm going to fix this first and try a reboot; if that fails I'll give 9.1 a go again. Edit 2: OK - Fixing the permissions on the 9.2 kernel had no success; Downgrading back to the 9.1 kernel though - this seems to have fixed the problem (well atleast its a bandaid fix) I never updated from 10.5 to 10.5.1 (Was happily running 10.4.11 until the Kalyway 10.5.1 disk appeared) - But if this issue is similar to issues had then - was there a 'proper' fix to the problem?
  4. Hey all, Since I've installed 10.5.2 (Kalyway 10.5.2 + Vanilla 9.2 Kernel ontop of Kalyway 10.5.1 - GUID/EFI with Vanilla Kernel) I've lost the ability to use USB Storage; devices still show up in System Profiler and in the Apple USB Prober app; but never show up in the finder (nor in /Volumes). I've tried running "diskutil list" in a terminal and this is not showing the devices either. Other USB Devices are working fine (I'm typing on a USB Keyboard and mousing with a USB Mouse right now..) (I've also tried different USB ports, etc - before you ask) Has anyone else had a problem like this in the past? System Specs Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4ghz DFI Infinity 975X/G (975X + ICH7R) 4GB DDR2-800 Radeon X1900GT (ATYInject)
  5. Hi Guys, I've just tried installing the Jas 10.4.6 DVD, It boots OK, does the Install (Chose 10.4.6 Update and SSE3 Patches - Running a Celeron D 331) After doing the main part of the install it asks to reboot the PC - I say OK then it just sits there with the little rotating lines (the same as used for the boot sequence) and never reboots. I've tried installing osx on both an External 40GB USB Drive and an Internal 160GB ATA Drive - Both produce the same results. After waiting for 15 minutes with the line just sitting there - I forcibly rebooted the machine - on the USB Drive it doesn't detect any installed OS' and he Internal 160GB just shows '$=' after post. Any Ideas on whats up? (Just Incase: Celeron D 331 2GB DDR2 DFI Infinity 975X/G Radeon X1900GT Several SATA HDDs (Not used during installation) 160GB Seagate ATA HDD. LG 16x DVD-R/W)