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  1. as the title says- i am trying to install leapard 10.5.1 - iATKOS v1.0ir2 with equate badBIOS patch - i am able to get pass the installation options and it starts the installation and then it hangs at 73% (checking installation DVD) - any idea why its doing it ?
  2. Hey guys i m just dropping this cause i couldn't find any specific forum thread regarding the kernels. is there like a link or something for every kernel that are out in the net now for us to try. i have a few kernels name and i would like to know what they are and they do they do and which machines are supported by what kernel. here we go guys.. Kernels sleepkernel--(intel/amd/sse2/sse3) speedstepkernel--(intel/amd/sse2/sse3) nforcekernel--(intel/sse3) modbinkernel--(intel/amd/sse3) vanillakernel--(intel/sse3) kabylkernel--(intel/sse3) with sleep support kernel_9.2_sleep kernel_9.2_speedstep kernel_9.2.2_kabyl kernel_922_modbin kernel_92_nforce kernel_vanilla_922 the reason why i am interested in this thread is cause i tried install leo4all 15 times with different kernels and looks like only kernel 9.2.0 worked for me. I would like to know what these kernels made for..such as core duo core 2 duo..Quad core etc etc. sorry if i am repeating this thread or if you know a better place i can find the informations pelase feel free to submit the link for us. thanks
  3. I tried to patch my Sigmatel on a Dell D620 and after reboot my sound icon disappear from top corner. And when i go under system settings -- Sound everythings greyout in there. Any Idea what might go wrong here? help me please Patches used: 1.15|1.16|1.20..None ofthem worked. Evey patches that i ran was succesfully done. (ie. attaching one of the screenshot) Sigmatel9200.txt
  4. DELL D620 Sigmatel 9200 issue!

    Hi Guys i am having issue with my sigmatel 9200 on my Dell Latitude D620. I am attaching the pictures after i patched my sound card with Taruga's appleHDApatcher1.1.6 and also 1.20. now note here: when i installed my Leo4all v3 i didnt check the 3rd party driver box for audio. i am not sure if this is the reason! if it is then is there a way i can install just the driver for sound card from the disc or somewhere else. your help is much appreciated. i am also attaching my codec_dump.txt file here. Do i have to rename it to sigmatel9200.txt? cause its in codec_dump.txt format. PS:: I dont have a sound icon on top right corner where all the time and other airport icons are located!! codec_dump.txt