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  1. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    10.4.10 success on amd! stony,pascalw thanx for your help,i never thought it would be so easy. here is what i did. - i downloaded tubgirl's amd 10.4.8 final and i patched it with 10.4.9 ppf. -installed it on a sata disk -installed the r3d3.kext -used pascalw's amd update package (didn't install nvidia kexts) -repair permissions,delete extensions.kextcache /.mkext restart and ... booted on 10.4.10! all things work great as far as i'm concerned. (i got an error message that dsmos.kext wasn't installed properly so i reinstalled it) amd 4400 x2 msi k8n neo4 platinum nvidia 6600 osx 10.4.10 (sata disk) edit: one strange problem is that i cannot change system time.whenever i go to "system preferences"-> date & time it just hungs forever....
  2. Soundflower

    i run it fine with 10.4.8. didn't have to load any kext.
  3. great work! someone should make it sticky in "in the genious bar" with an install method for the noobs. thanx again
  4. really stupid...

    thanx for the reply. i remembered my old university-unix days and i copied the iokit.framework from the dvd back to the original folder. thank god ,it worked!!!
  5. really stupid...

    today i made the brand new upgrade to 10.4.8 amd enabled(from 10.4.5). after installing many programs i installed logic express.it didn't worked,so i checked the forum and tried to copy the IOKit framework from an older installation (10.4.5) .i had already deleted the old framework after sth was f@cked up and i had to relaunch finder. the system after that was no responsive so i (stupidtly) rebooted. my system hangs now ,can someone give me the commands to copy that file from the dvd to hard disk?
  6. Hello there! I’m watchin this forum for a long time (from September I think) and I must say that you guys have made a terrific job. The reason for not posting all this time is that my English is terrible and I didn’t find a subject that I could help some of you. After the boring intro ,here is my idea (that worked perfect for me): I have the dell 2005fpw monitor.it’s really a great monitor but I think that it’s pretty useless (the time speaking) for macosx86 as there aren’t any video cards (I have an nvidia) that support resolution up to 1680x1050.as a cause ,if you boot with a resolution of 1280x1024 for example your image is stretched and blured (because its not its native resolution). The solution is simple (and…idiotic you might say). I assume that you are using the dvi input,where you cant make any adjustments. Connect the analog cable (that shipped with dell 2005),select the d-sub input from the panel controls,go to menu ,image settings,scale and use 1:1 or aspect.and…see the difference. after that go to image settings,auto adjust and your image will become much clearer… What you ‘ll have is the image of a 17” or 19” monitor…you can switch between d-sub and dvi with the press of a button. Ok this is as I said a stupid idea,but personally I prefer this picture from the stretched and blured picture I had before. And not to forget it’s a temporary solution,I hope that we ‘ll have great news from macvidia soon. (I have made also a real idiot’s -because I am one- guide for installing flawlessly osx86 10.4.3 after installing 10.4.1.if you want,I could upload it. ) keep up the good work!