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  1. Cant get keyboard to work on toshiba laptop! HELP!

    Hi, Me too toshi laptop !! Which model you have ?? Greetings, Patrick
  2. Dual Boot when OSX and XP on different drives

    With a linux grub, it's very easy to make a dual boot or triple boot : grub-install .... You could maybe try wingrub for windows ... i dont know much more when no linux ...
  3. Some people are using NFS MANAGER? Good program ?? Thx
  4. It's a Lucent type, of the laptop which is internaly PCI ... Is it working then ?? thank you very much danica-talos for your information !!! Love =
  5. Is your fax working ?? How to install the modem to send fax with MAC OS X x86? Thank you
  6. How to mount a linux share nfs (mount -t nfs)? ========== Hi ! I would like to mount a linux server. I tried in the MAC to access to my Linux server: mount -t nfs IPadress:/export /mydestonmymacfolder And, this is not working. -------- When I use the terminal sh, then, I enter: mount -t nfs IPaddress:/mnt/exports /mnt/exportsonmac I get this error msg : mount_nfs: /mnt/home: Operation not permitted There is something wrong somewhere, i dont know. Additionally, the linux server is working very well, and all the linux boxes can ping and make use of this exports on the linux server (all ip are correct and working, and sharing either). Thank you very mmuch if you would find the reason and solution Patrick _____
  7. Hint: I solved all troubles with placing the AF-type mac partition as /dev/hda1 The mac has also it's own kind of "grub"... Greetz
  8. Is your fax working ?? How to install / send a fax with MAC OS X ? I can only do receiving machine fax ... I tried to send a fax, ... In printing options, there is no fax printing capability How to do ?? Thank you very much, Patrick
  9. OS X - XP Pro - Debian - Triple Boot Install?

    Hi, In order to do your triple boot : I would advice you very much to play with partition magic to install : 1/First make a AF type partition, at the beginning of your harddisk & it should be more than recommanded to be /dev/hda1 (it ' s possible to make it) 2/ make the installations ... AF type partition / Linux / Windows XP 3/ then, place the MAC OS in AF - empty space 4/ then, boot linux, and use the grub change the grub.conf in the /boot grub-install And That's it ! Enjoy !
  10. Merci de ta reponse ! Comment fais tu pour Tester les resolutions dont j'ai besoin, car dans Proprietés > Ecran le OS m'indique (une fois mac os x lancé) que seuleemnt du 1024x768 pixels. Quel est la methode la plus facile pour que le mac os propose plus de resoltuiosn ? Merci ! Patrick
  11. Ouais Ouais ! J'ai utilisé Linux, créé AF type disk, et fais un :tar -jOxf tiger-x86.tar.bz2 tiger-x86/tiger-x86-flat.img | dd of=/dev/hda2 bs=512 skip=63 (d'un PC linux) // Sans aucun problemes. Je sais pas quoi utiliser comme programme pour faire ===========MAC_PARTITION=9GB===== //////////////////////////EMPTY_6GB///////////////////// (le reste de la partittion peut sur sur pas changer.) Merci bcp de ton aide tres precieuse !!
  12. Which program could resize and/or merge the MAC partitions AF-type? ========== Thank you very much , Patrick
  13. Ahhhh !! Merci L'ami Tu sais comment je peux faire pour essayer le 1280x... x 8 ?? Comment puis configurer ca pour le MAC ? Aussi, saurais tu quel logiciel je peux utiliser pour repartitionner la mac partition ? J'ai essayé transmac (ca marche pas) Merci de toutes tes inforamtions !! Patrick
  14. I tried ... J'ai essaye ; il me dit je crois mode 160 pour un 1280x ... x 8 Comment tu fais alors pour le lancer ?? Merci bcp Patrick
  15. I tried Microsoft Office X 2004 with Endnote... It s working, fast for text. As soon as u get some pictures in ur report/ publication, u get ur mac a bit laggy sometimes... That can / could be annoying for some users (with Rosetta) (1.5 M centrino ; 512MB ; SSE2). Concerning the Endnote program, No Problems. I still have to try Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Concerning also pictures, it looks rather slowlier sometimes.... I dont know what to do to improve this. Is there a way to make the MAC runs Faster (as a fvwm e.g. in Linux) ...?? Suppressing things maybe ?? Or Panther MAC possibel maybe ? Ahh, then Micr. Office X wont work ... hmmmm Greetings, Patrick === (If you know what kidn of program can resize the MAC AF type partition, plz let me know)