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  1. Monopoly: Apple vs Microsoft

    As a long time Mac OS user and lover (former hardcore fan boy)I agree that It would be nice to see Apple more open to where it's OS can be installed. I understand all the reasons both technical and financial why they don't and I think up until now it has been the smart thing to do. But in todays market where Apple is becoming more than just a Computer company it would do them good to be a little less restrictive when it comes to OS X. I think for them the best way is the removal of those few words in their EULA that says "Mac OS can only be installed on Apple Hardware". (Or however it is worded) and change it to something like "Only supported on Apple hardware." That way it opens up for people to not feel guilty about going the Hacintosh route. (or in my case the EFIX route) It is such a simple solution because it basically makes it legitimate without them having to take responsibility for it. It basically says "hey Mac OS works best on our hardware but if you want to do it yourself go ahead, just don't call us if you have problems." Maybe even in the begining they state that it is against the EULA to build and sell Apple OS systems (Clones) but if you want to do it for yourself go right ahead. From what I have read on these forums, most people that go the hacintosh route already own or plan on owning a "real" Mac and if they don't probably never would anyway. Well thats what I think. :-)
  2. Hey Howie, Where did you get your G5 Enclosure? Is it just an empty Shell or does it have the stuff needed for mounting drives and board, etc...
  3. A few simple points. Unless the Earth is smashed by a giant asteroid or comet and turned to dust or the sun expands and eats us up the planet will go on no matter what we do or don't do. It will change and evolve. Animals (including humans) and plants will live and die. Whether we are having a big enough affect with all the {censored} we do to the environment to actually speed up any natural events that would or are happening anyways over time is up for debate. In the end, wouldn't it still be nice not to have all the {censored} that cars and factories and power plants, etc... put into the air be toned down a bit. Wouldn't it be nice if all the waters were just a bit (or alot) cleaner than they are now. Wouldn't it be nice if we had nice large areas of natural forest and jungles, and marsh lands and area's where the other animals we live with could have a nice home that we could visit and share with. Instead of taking the Yes or No side in regards to climate change and whether we as humans are affecting it, could we all just not use some common sense and say hey, instead of a huge smelly garbage dump could we not just recycle and reuse stuff, instead of dumping {censored} into the air or water could we not just spend a little extra time and money to clean it up or find ways of making less nasty. In the end, planet earth will survive with or without us no matter what we do. Whether it will be a nice place to live or not well that is totally up to basic common sense.
  4. Hmmm, this might be a good build for a newby like me to cut his chops on. While not as powerful as I want it would be good practice for the price.
  5. Any thoughts on how similar and thus how compatible the other versions of this board would be. Great tutorial BTW - Might be my guide to my first Hackintosh GA-P35T-DS3P (rev. 1.0) (http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2622) GA-P35-DS3R (rev. 2.1) (http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2746)
  6. Adium Skinning Theme

    I use the smoke color theme with background turned to black and the list layout called "It's a Dock!" along with "borderless window" to get a similar layout. You can just adjust opacity and use whatever service and status icons you like. :-)
  7. It would be helpful if you give a quick explanation about why you are considering each name. You should pick something that at least means something to you. Something simple and straight forward is the best way to go. Don't want to have people get stumped by how to pronounce the word or anything like that. Also make sure you do a good search of the name you are considering to make sure someone isn't using it, especially if they are in the same or similar business.
  8. This looks like the kind of specs that I am thinking of doing. But I am a total newb when it comes to building a PC (Been a Mac boy for over 10 years) so I wouldn't mind keeping tabs on how you do and your complete hardware choices. I think I will be ok at researching and selecting all the components. The part that has me worried is all the patching.
  9. Hardware Configurations

    Doh! Ok, Color me Newbie. I just realized that the HLC also contains custom setups. Sorry about the post. I thought it only listed stuff like Dells and HP's. Guess that is what happens when you read Forums when your tired. At least you guys are cool and didn't beat me up about such a newbie post. Thanx.
  10. Hello, Well I am new here and after looking around the forms and trying a few searches I realized that there are a lot of possibilities for parts if someone wants to build there own hacintosh. I also realized that there are lots of different combinations. The problem I found is that other than the hardware components and compatibility lists there is no one place to find working combinations of how the parts go together. Everything is just sort of spread around the site. So I thought I would create a thread where people can post there Hardware configurations and Specs. Not a place to ask "will this setup work", but a place where you can just simply list the components of your finished system including what patches were needed to get it to work and what version OSX. It shouldn't be a guide, just a list. Nice and simple and straight forward. I think a post like this would be very helpful for newbies like me. And if this list actually does exist somewhere, I apologize.